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    Introducing my band (Ukestra do Medio)

    Hi! My name is Cesar, from Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, NW Spain. I've been around in the forum for some years now although not really contributing. I am posting this to introduce you my uke band, Ukestra do Medio. We are 4 ukes (2 tenor 1 soprano and 1 baritone), acoustic bass and cajon...
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    Kala Banjolele (based in Spain, Europe)

    I am selling a Kala soprano banjolele in perfect condition. Bought in the US in 2014, original cost was about 300 dollars. I've used it in the past to record and play a few songs, but it's not being used anymore in our band's current lineup (the band's name is Ukestra do Medio, just google it in...