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    FS: Breedlove Signature Uke Myrtle/Spruce. Seahorse inlay

    I am not playing much uke these days (primarily a guitar player), and could use the funds to chase after an electric I have had my eye on. I bought this uke brand new and it has only been played at home by me. It is in excellent condition and no noticeable wear or issues of any nature. I have a...
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    FS:Skytop Tenor ukulele

    Bump. Not playing much uke these days
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    FS:Skytop Tenor ukulele

    I have a Skytop tenor uke that I need to move along. Not playing much uke these days other than when I am camping and my blackbird farallon fits the bill pretty well for that. Pretty unique uke. I am not sure if Eric is building uke anymore or is sticking to just guitars. This one has a...
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    Ukes for Sale: Mya Moe

    I have 2 Mya Moe Tenor Ukes for sale. I am downsizing my instrument collection as my human family is expanding. Therefore I need to sell a couple of ukulele's. I am the original owner on both of these Mya Moe's and they have never left my house since I have had them. I actually also had a Mya...
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    FS: Collings UT-2 Tenor custom

    Collings UT-2 custom for sale. Spruce top, mahogany back and sides. C-10 style pickguard. Uke has no modifications and is in very good condition. Has only been played at home by me and was bought new by me. Comes with collings case in excellent condition. Uke looks very clean with a couple...
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    Mya Moe Taropatch #1471 for sale

    It has come time for me to part with my Mya Moe Taropatch. Don't worry, I still have 2 of their tenors. I just find that I am more geared toward the 4 string tenors as I am primarily a guitar player. I am the original owner and it is excellent condition. Has a cool sound with the extra set of...
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    Collngs UT-2 mahogany

    Collings all mahogany UT-2 with standard issue Collings case. Very good condition. You can see a few scratches from strumming when you look at it from an angle. One interesting thing to note is it had a pickguard that I had installed at the factory when I was there for a visit. Only reason for...
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    FS:blackbird Tenor ukulele

    Blackbird tenor ukulele for sale. Just as it came from the factory except I have changed the saddle out for a bone saddle. Factory gig bag included. I am not giving this one much playing time having 2 collings tenors, and a mya moe taropatch. Also have a mya moe tenor build starting in 2 weeks...