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  1. Coconut Willie

    Breedlove Guitar - Oregon Series

    Looking into getting a Breedlove Oregon series guitar......any thoughts on quality, playability etc? I tried the Atlas series at a local GC and it sounded amazing and played nicely. Thanks!!!
  2. Coconut Willie

    Vintage Ukuleles

    I am curious and hope others in the know can shed some light on what makes a vintage ukulele a vintage ukulele?:confused: Is it the age and if so how many years, or the style of the uke, type of wood...etc. Also, what makes a particular vintage uke desireable? Thanks!!!!
  3. Coconut Willie


    Got mine from a trip to Maui where I got a bit too much sun. Went to the ABC store and they recommended a bottle of this aloe gel and on the label was the name Coconut Willie. It had a picture of an Hawaiian with a ukulele. The gel worked and I liked the name.
  4. Coconut Willie

    New Kanile'a 6 string!!!

    Just got my new Kanilea 6 sting uke about 2 weeks ago!! Here are the required pics, sorry if they are not real good, this taking and uploading pictures is all new to me!! Now for the review...... This uke was made 7/2010 in Hawaii. The body is all koa wood that was upgraded to the deluxe style...
  5. Coconut Willie

    Aloha just joined!!!

    Aloha all UU members, I just found the UU and joined. I am a new uke player having recently bought a Makala Concert uke and I can't seem to stop playing!! I have a lot yet to learn and as for now I know a few of the basic chords. Currently saving up the loose change and bills to hopefully buy a...