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  1. coolkayaker1

    Wall hangers

    I have several Hercules stands and the exact wall hanger that you have linked for my guitars. They are great, but they are rather excessive for a ukulele. I have never used one for any of my ukuleles. I am a minimalist, and for my ukes I use a wall screw eye and a rubber band. Like this...
  2. coolkayaker1

    New bridge for old Martin

    Nice reproduction. Excellent workmanship. Thanks for posting it, Joe. Seems like Paul might be the "go to" person for a bridge reproduction. Is the chewed out bridge an original Martin? Maybe it is, just none of mine are one piece so I don't know so thought I'd ask. Like this (but Style 1...
  3. coolkayaker1

    Who won the unique Gibby? Sun PM

    Simon, hi!
  4. coolkayaker1

    Who won the unique Gibby? Sun PM

    Pic Finally!
  5. coolkayaker1

    Who won the unique Gibby? Sun PM

    Wow, a real stunner. Not ideal condition, but easily refurbed. So unique, those inlays. Gibby Style 3, early. Okay, who snagged it? Lol. Congrats! :D It was on eBay. I tried to upload a photo but it's not working from my iPad.
  6. coolkayaker1

    Help w song by Kalei please.

    Can anyone offer me song help please? What song is Mr. Gamiao playing in the demo video for this KoOlau CE uke...the video is middle right side of the linked page (it's 2:31 minutes long)? I would like to slow it down to study his fingering; I know how to do that on YouTube videos, but does...
  7. coolkayaker1

    Ukulelezaza in Czech Concert (video of full show).

    UUs own, Remco, aka Ukulelezaza, live in concert at Czech Uke Fest. Nice HD vid quality w sound and editing. He's playing the uncommon 1950s parend-less, stripe-less Martin Style 3 (I own two and if anyone is seriously in the market to buy, let me know). What a lovely set! :cool: The...
  8. coolkayaker1

    Taimane NAMM 2016 Video

    :D Love how the instrument is part of her. Breaks all the rules--plays in the cut, dual low and high Gs, guitar strap, thumb pick, dances, etc. You go, Tai! Boom! Thx Kamaka.
  9. coolkayaker1

    What uke shop is in this video?

    Andy Bumatai records an interesting show on YouTube, and in this episode, he shows a bank commercial that has a wahine playing a Pono and then walking into a uke store that's rather...well, let's just say to give it a look. The commercial is only 30 seconds long, and it starts at 3:10 minutes...
  10. coolkayaker1


    I bought, literally, six of those digital hygrometers from Amazon--their bestselling ones that go for ten bucks each--all at once. I set them next to one another on my kitchen table and watched them for a few days. They were all over the place. Some reading as much as nine points different than...
  11. coolkayaker1

    Martin LX1 Guitar Excellent for Ukers

    I was perusing Guitar Center last week and stumbled across a Martin LX1 in their acoustic room. What a little gem! I want to recommend this for ukulele players sticking a toe into guitars. It has the features that we love on a uke--namely, small size. A touch larger than a baritone uke. It...
  12. coolkayaker1

    What makes a great soprano?

  13. coolkayaker1

    NUD Martin 2K Soprano

    While we wait excitedly for Bill's info and new photos, I snapped a couple shots of my circa 2012-2013 Martin Koa Style 2s just to show everyone the amazing difference in the Koa. Check this out. Even the headstocks are different! Yet they are both modern Nazareth-made Martin Style 2s. Go figure!
  14. coolkayaker1

    A nicely rounded backside

    Ovation. :rolleyes:
  15. coolkayaker1

    Creative outlets

    I still have the Hawaii postcard that you included with the Kiwaya, M. Your handwriting is lovely, absolutely lovely. I use it as a bookmark. (Photo of other side so as not too give too much away).
  16. coolkayaker1

    FS or trade :Ukulelezaza books

    Lakesideglenn, whether you buy them from FinnP, or from Remco himself at his Etsy site, those are both fabulous books. I also suggest his CD, on which he plays most of the songs from book #1. What a superb collection. You'll enjoy it. :-) PS Here's the link but I don't understand why his...
  17. coolkayaker1

    Pre-1932 Martin 3K on FMM

    Let me know if anyone's interested. Mama needs a new hit water heater and unicycle. 🐸