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  1. Aldrine Guerrero

    Winter NAMM Show 2016 and SoCal UU LIVE mini tour!

    Aloha everyone! As usual we are about to head out for the annual Winter NAMM show coverage! All of the upcoming ukuleles and accessories will be on display at the show. It's gonna be a big year for ukulele as Kamaka is celebrating their 100 year anniversary. Also great new models and...
  2. Aldrine Guerrero

    Looking for new students! (Skype lessons with Aldrine)

    Aloha everyone! I've been doing Skype lessons for a few years now and have decided to take on more students at this time. I have come up with a few variations of these lessons so that they are available for beginners to advanced ukulele players. I offer continuous weekly lessons (may change...
  3. Aldrine Guerrero

    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (or general 3DS thread)

    This is gonna be a long shot and might expose my true dorkiness but I'd love to hunt with fellow UU members on this awesome game! I'm currently at G bronze crown and would love to hunt online with you guys. Maybe we can make a UU hunting party haha. Here's my 3DS info: Friend Code: 5086 1541...
  4. Aldrine Guerrero

    Binding question...

    (Noob question alert) Anyone know what that red line is on the binding? Thanks in advance! Pic is from
  5. Aldrine Guerrero

    NAMM 2014 Meet up! Grassy knoll get-together

    It's that time of the year again folks! We're available to do it either Thursday, Friday, or Sunday night! Who wants in? Lemme know and we can start spreading the word!
  6. Aldrine Guerrero

    California uke clubs! We wanna come and see you!

    Just as the title states. We will be in California for the 2014 NAMM show and we figured we'd come and visit some uke clubs while we're in town. North or South, it doesn't matter. So if you'd like to help us out please post your uke club (or one that you know of) on this thread along with a...
  7. Aldrine Guerrero

    Ukulele Underground Mid-west and East Coast tour!

    Aloha ukulele lovelies! We come with news of great joy! We will be coming to see you folks that are from the mid west and East coast! Also we'll be saying "what's up" to all our friends in Denver as well! Here's the dates and info: OCTOBER 5th, 2013 Theatre Garage Minneapolis, MINNESOTA 5pm...
  8. Aldrine Guerrero

    Aldrine and Aaron Japan Tour May 2013

    Aloha everyone! Just thought I'd share a few videos that were taken from our recent tour in Japan this past May. We were fortunate enough to travel to Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto! We had a blast and here's some performance clips that were taken from various shows. Credit goes to Asada Atornphatai...
  9. Aldrine Guerrero

    NAMM 2013 UU MEET UP! (Anyone in the Anaheim area)

    Aloha! Happy holidays everyone. It's that time of the year again and the 2013 NAMM show is coming up! I'd love to have a UU meet up right by the lawn on Friday Jan 25. Let me know if that date works for you folks. Either that or Sunday Jan 27? So to all attending the Winter NAMM 2013, please...
  10. Aldrine Guerrero

    Ukulele Underground ON TOUR 2012! COLORADO, CALIFORNIA, and OREGON!

    It's that time of the year again! We're headed out to see YOU! Come out and say hello at one of our tour shows and/or workshops! We'll have tons of merch including shirts, hoodies, hats, the NEW DVD, and album, and whatever else our magic elves can carry! Everyone who comes out gets a FREE HUG...
  11. Aldrine Guerrero

    Aldrine LIVE on Pakele Live (Streaming)

    Aloha everyone! I'll be on Pakele LIVE tonight along with Kalei Gamiao, Kimo Hussey, and Chris Salvador! Tune in to the stream and check out some ukulele music straight from Hawai'i. Also, please email them at and tell them you're from ukulele underground! Let's represent UU! :D...
  12. Aldrine Guerrero

    "I'm a dreamer" Aldrine Guerrero NEW album is OUT!

    The new album is out! :D “I’m a dreamer” Aldrine Guerrero’s new album Available for early digital download TODAY! Check out for more details Tracklist: 1. Burrito 2. Space Suits 3. Senor Victor 4. Under the covers 5. Replay (ft. Danyo Cummings and...
  13. Aldrine Guerrero

    Ukulele Underground in BEND, OREGON!

    We added a new show to our tour schedule! Since the Portland show is CANCELLED OCT 11, 2011 The Sound Garden 6pm Workshop 730pm Concert BOTH for $15 Its gonna be AWESOME! Bend, Oregon was the first ever tour that I went on. I played solo shows...
  14. Aldrine Guerrero

    Calton cases

    I did a search for them here on our forum and the last thread about them was closed. I have the same issue with them avoiding me. I placed an order for a tenor ukulele case and in the beginning, they were pretty responsive but after I placed my order, they haven't been answering any of my...
  15. Aldrine Guerrero

    Ukulele Underground at Dusty Strings! 10/14/11

    Gonna start making some new threads about the tour coming up. First one is the Dusty Strings workshop! The workshop is for two hours: 1st hour is the workshop 2nd hour is Q&A and concert! Get your tickets here...
  16. Aldrine Guerrero

    What would you like to see on uke minutes?

    This is assuming that people even view the content on the front page instead of coming directly here to the forums haha. We've been coming up with uke minutes for the past 4 years now. We've covered everything from basic uke techniques to stuff that you can do with your ukulele but probably...
  17. Aldrine Guerrero

    Super duo of ukulele and vocals

    These guys are amazing (no, seriously) Check them out and please "like" them on facebook: Mailani is formerly of Keahiwai and Dr. Trey is noted as Jake S. ukulele teacher. Support them and spread the word!
  18. Aldrine Guerrero

    Ukulele Underground in the Pacific Northwest! (Washington, Oregon, NorCal)

    Current Schedule: Oct. 7-8 (Fri/Sat) – EUGENE, OR. UKEtoberfest! Aldrine will be around all day on both days, playing and holding workshops during the festival, so find us and hang out! Buy your tickets at (Eugene Faith Center, 1410 West 13th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97402)...
  19. Aldrine Guerrero

    UU Represent 2011 SAN DIEGO MEET UP!

    May 25, 2011 at T2 Filipino Fusion 3241 East Plaza Blvd, National City, CA 91950. FREE! ALL AGES! 6-9pm ATTENTION EVERYONE IN THE SAN DIEGO AREA! We're having a UU meet up at T2 Filipino fusion. They have an open stage ready for us to get our...
  20. Aldrine Guerrero

    Aldrine in Huntington beach, CA. May 28th 2011 SOLD OUT!

    THIRD UPDATE! THIS SHOW IS OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT! No entry without ticket. I'll see you folks sooooooon :3 SECOND UPDATE! THIS SHOW IS ALMOST SOLD OUT! No entry without a ticket so hurry and get yours soon! Updated! I might be in San Diego on the 23-26th. Anyone interested in having a SD meet...