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  1. HaileISela

    I'll take you with me (to Vienna) -original

    Hey folks, it's been a while, but I am still alive and kickin'... here's a little gem for a good start into the new year! Video info: I just got home from a fantastic week full of lovely people and great music at the 3rd Vienna Folk Marathon. On New Years Eve I took a moment to make this...
  2. HaileISela

    St. James Infirmary

    hey folks, lord it's been so long since my last visit... everything looks all fancy and new! anyway, here's a little video for you:
  3. HaileISela

    Ukulele on Youtube spotlight!

    Now that's something they could do every day! Happy New Year from Berlin, Germany!
  4. HaileISela

    Bittersweet Symphony all new second cover!

    hey folks, it's been a long time... but here's my second take on Bittersweet Symphony with better equipment and more knowledge of it... hope you enjoy!
  5. HaileISela

    A great resource if you're looking for (irish) folk tunes!

    well, I guess this is good for Ukes, too, but I think it's more interesting if you're also into tin whistles, bagpipes, violins or other melody instruments: the page is called thesession and is the largest resource of tunes I found so far on the web. it's a very simple to use site, so, enjoy...
  6. HaileISela

    Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers playing Uke!

    I don't know if you know the Vlogbrothers. If you don't, well, let's change it: Here's Hank Green, playing on his Kala Uke to celebrate the birthday of Charlieissocoollike: and here's Charlie's buddy Alex (nerimon) playing an original for the same reason: yeah, if you don't know them...
  7. HaileISela

    Stay up stay lifted take 2

    Hey folks, some of you may have seen this video of Seeso and me playing Stay Up Stay Lifted on the way back to Chicago from UWC: now that I'm back home for some time, I can't stop singing it. So here's my take on it:
  8. HaileISela

    I couldn't believe my eyes!

    But there it was:, a Uke-shop in the middle of Berlin! A whole shop dedicated to Ukes and all your needs! all together 33 brands of Ukes, walls full of 'em! I could try out the Risa Les Paul (what a beauty!) and the U-Bass and all those others!!! so, if you happen to visit Berlin...
  9. HaileISela

    News from our mate Ahnko

    Ahnko asked me to give his Aloha to everybody, so here you go! Let's hope his situation turns to the better soon!
  10. HaileISela

    Hmm, I wonder:

    is there any connection between the most famous "Elephant Town" and the most beautiful "Elephant Gun"? I was watching this video for something like the 200th time when I was thinking: "when I was a kid I used to hear very different lyrics to sounds... maybe Elephant Town was born out of such a...
  11. HaileISela

    UU meets Victor Kim

    What a nice video! I liked it very much, thanks for sharing. but: it seems the video of the santeria performance is set to private...
  12. HaileISela

    Is there a heaven for cats?

    I think so. or at least do I hope. because my cat, here name is Katze (German for cat), is gonna go there tomorrow. She's got liver cancer and didn't eat and drink in the last days. so we finally decided to release her from her pain. I can't describe my pain, though. please, whatever you...
  13. HaileISela

    Brazilian music

    lately I'm getting more and more into Brazilian music. I got a couple of friends who are really good in Samba, Choro, Forró, etc, and I'm trying to combine European folk music with Brazilian rhythms. so yesterday we had another jam session and as usual we showed each other plenty Youtube videos...
  14. HaileISela

    Do you speak english?

    just wanted to share this since I think it's hilarious: and if you liked that, you gonna love this: *basically the main problem of German English speakers...^^
  15. HaileISela

    this guy deserves more attention!

    He posted one of his videos as response to one of mine so I took a look at his work. I do not understand why he has just as few subscribers and views. he's got a wonderful voice and plays some fine baritone! so, introducing bigislesmile aka Dennis Garcia:
  16. HaileISela

    cold and frozen - original song

    hey, i'd like to share my latest song with you. I wrote it yesterday to try to channel my emotions. hope you like it.
  17. HaileISela


    Thank you everyone for being as awesome as you are. I feel honoured to get all the positive response that you give and I'm glad to be a part of this wonderful forum! I cannot even say how much some of you guys influenced my life in a positive way. Without UU I wouldn't be the same person. let...
  18. HaileISela

    Don't stop the music - Jamie Cullum Ukulele Cover

    I wish all of you a happy new year 2010 with lots of Ukes! my personal new years solution is "don't stop the music":
  19. HaileISela

    The new video embed function on vBulletin Version 4

    The new version of vBulletin features a video embedding function. it allows you to insert a video (for example from YT) into your post directly by clicking on the following symbol: or just putting [ video ] and [ /video ] (without the spaces) around the URL of the video. here's an example:
  20. HaileISela

    First Trailer of the upcoming remake of KARATE KID

    I wanna watch it as soon as I can!