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    milled/cnc + effects = future, or novelty?

    We are seeing more ukes now being milled from a solid piece rather than bent/glued from Tyde, and Enya, and probably others. They don't seem to be on par with hand built yet, but they are already surprising decent. On top of that, the enya milled is adding effects to acoustic, like the lava...
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    Willie K does the star spangled banner

    The man has soul
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    cordoba mini and using regular classical strings

    So.. I needed new strings for my mini... and Ive always kinda.. thought the stock strings were a little... lacking. On my tenors, I've been heavily favoring TI cf30/27/fc trebles. So.. I was thinking.. why not just try the TI classical set that has the flat wounds i like on my tenors. The...
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    Gibson considering making ukes after bankruptcy reorg Not Epiphone..
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    old growth vs new growth trees in relation to instruments

    Someone on a social networking site.. posted a picture that has me really thinking about wood used for instruments. We hear things like. kanilea planting forests of koa because of the shortage of wood. Spruce/cedar/etc are also in this same boat. People have speculated on why stradivarius...
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    foldable travel uke kickstarter

    this one's not my cup of tea... but it will probably be someone's. Looks tech and snazzy, but not sure about how it sounds.
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    Kanilea story on cnbc

    Interest artical/interview with the Souza's But.. $50 islander?
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    fascinating watch, luthiers for a cause vid

    Excellent job splicing the cuts and matching levels. I was really surprised how simliar the tones were. The kinnard was the only one that really stuck out as significantly different. In the first play, I wasnt watching, just listening, and didn't realize that the instrument changed until the...
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    technique question

    Not a uke... but any one know what he's doing to get those harmonics? It appears to be something with his thumb knuckle? It seems to be very accurate and fast. Id like to learn it, but i can't tell how he's doing it.
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    Left hand thumb

    Do you use your left hand thumb? I was told early on in guitar, not to use thumb. But I'm not sure that was good advice. * for clarification, I was told that thumb was not to be used to fret, just for pressure.
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    Anyone have a suggestion for a steel string guitar with wider nut?

    I like the classical string spacing, but I'm wanting steel strings. Anyone have a suggestion?
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    who's gonna build the first transparent wood uke?

    This seems like it would be interesting.
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    Days gone by

    For various reasons great ukes stop being made. What are some of your favorites that are no longer available, that you think are probably still as good as, or maybe better than stuff being put out today? Sometimes we have tunnel vision based on the latest listings on HMS, or what was shown at...
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    emfit film pickup

    Anyone have any experience with this? It seems b-band uses it, but I can't seem to find plugged in samples on uke. Manufacturer says it sounds more natural...but they would say that, right? So.. anyone familiar with it? Kala apparently has it in the newer electric travel tenor, but HMS vids...
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    What is "Ukulele music"?

    I've been thinking about something said in another thread. The implication that high G is for "ukulele music" and low G is for wanna be guitar. Granted.. that's a bit of an exaggeration of what was said, but that's still the core of an idea that I've heard before. So... what makes something...
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    sealing the inside

    Is there a reason you can't seal the inside of a uke? Other than reach? I was just wondering.. if you sealed the inside of a uke.. if it would prevent issues of drying out/splitting/warping.
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    WTB: Kala Cedar top cut away electric tenor (KA-ATP-CTG-CE)

    Looking for a good condition one of these, for a good price, before just buying new.
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    Holey cow Have we been doing it wrong?
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    Are you fluffy?

    So.... the other day, I told a friend I played uke. The first question he had was, "Is it easier to play if you're fat?" And I was like.. "what do you mean?" And he said, "It seems like I mostly see heavier guys playing it." Now.. Im not skinny.. so I didn't have a good response. I know...