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    Careless Love Madeleine Peyroux in G

    Madleine Peyroux Careless Love (G) Good Morning everybody, I have worked out the dominant (drone) rhythm chords for this song on Soprano uke. I am trying to get the same pattern going on Baritone Uke. But it sounds slightly different ? I am stuck with 2 options at the moment...
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    Router Table Queries

    Hi everyone, I bought a 2nd hand home made router table with a cheap Makita router mounted on a piece of perspex in the centre. The problem is adjusting the height of the cutter, which can be done, but I have to remove the fence everytime and repeat the whole set up procedure, which is a pain...
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    Sinfonico Honolulu

    A heads up here for an italian ukulele orchestra. Their cover "Sympathy for the devil" has the most views, but "take a walk on the wild side" I enjoyed as well.
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    Contractually Obligated

    Hi everybody, Today after quite a few attempts, and with the latest Skype and Chatting technologies available to any online customer, I located three items that I need on the internet. After I had put everything in the basket and wanted to pay with my Paypal account, there was a drop down...
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    Laminate Uke Question.

    Laminate Uke Question. Are the sound properties of a ukulele build out of a solid wood (Koa, Mahogany), reproduced (detectable in terms of the wood?) when the same sized ukulele is built out of a Koa or Mahogany laminate?
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    String Questions Kala & Ashbory

    Are the strings on these small bass instruments one and the same, or does Kala use different strings to Ashbory? Are the strings interchangeable ( from the one bass to the other?) I thought the string colours were different (going on the youtube clips)? For Kala there was mention of an oilseal...
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    Logging in & out

    Good Afternoon everybody . When I am in my lunch hour at work, I like to read the Uke Bulletin Board, and that is "open time" for us, as during working hours the sites are blocked. At work I log out when I am finished, and as the pc leaves the site, there is a notice that it cleared all the...
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    Going through old photgraphs

    Hi everybody, My wife has started sorting out a lot of boxes of photographs which we have taken over the years. Attached, and I hope I've not done it wrong, is a photo I took of two ukulele players who were playing at Sail 2000 in Amsterdam. There were two buskers playing jazz standards (they...
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    I Will - Beatles

    Hello everybody, the song "I Will" by the Beatles runs nicely, but the ending is where I am battling. I try and paste what I have got, and maybe someone can help me with the way this song ends? The song comes off the White Album Thanking you. Below the song. F Dm...
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    Free Printable guitar charts

    Hello everybody, I have been trawling the net for guitar chord charts , especially ones that show 2nd and 3rd position. I personally do not play guitar, but my friend does. I have been to which is usefull, but although you can request any chord, it will show you many positions...
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    Under African Skies (cover)

    This is not me, but I thought it was a nice performance.. (It might have been posted before, I have not checked that!) "Under African Skies" (cover performed on ukulele) [URL=""/URL]
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    Little thing called love

    Hi everybody, I saw this number performed by Fi Breydon (fipfft) on youtube, and managed to get the bulk of the song going, but there is a problem area in the middle somewhere, which I have described below It starts with: G C...