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    How do you abuse your ukulele?

    I try not to, with one exception they live in their cases when not being played. My Kanilea sits on its stand, beside my desk, waiting to be grabbed and played. I constantly think of parting with it as it is a poor fit for me. However its the one I grab for stress relief and problem solving. If...
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    The Volume of a Ukulele

    Recently wanted to send one of my grandfathers Ukes to Australia to my younger sister. And going through various customs regulations to make sure that it won't be destroyed in an effort to protect Australia's beautiful woodworm from ugly foreign woodworm...... I finally came to carriage...
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    Case for Kiwaya KTS-4

    In the UK the selection of Ukulele cases is limited, if any one has one of the Kiwaya KTS Sopranos in a hard case that fits well can you post the details please. I was thinking of one of these but the dimensions seem a bit sloppy. Crossrock
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    Gotoh UPT /UPTL

    I have a kamaka HF1 (soprano) from 2013 Two questions: 1. Anyone know which size, UPT or UPTL? 2. Will any of the GOTOH buttons fit or are the buttons unique to the tuners? (I have a few sets of MOP buttons for deluxe gotoh frictions but I can get a good deal on the planetary tuners in Gold...
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    Hardcase for Kiwaya KTS-4 and or Imua Soprano

    I have a two sopranos in need of hard cases: The case supplied with my Imua Soprano is not great quality and fits only beause of addititional cushions. It flexes enough to make the lid stick. A very poor showing from Imua or their supplier. My Kiwaya KTS-4 is a after-market case from Thomman...
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    Southern Ukulele Store - Quick replacement and some new strings.

    Ordered some friction tuners from SUS and unfortunately the wrong tuners were supplied. Email enquiry was handled within 24hours. Replacements dispatched as soon as the wronguns were returned. (Arrived next day) Replacement package included some free strings to compensate for return postage...
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    Lucy's Ukulele Service First Class

    Not sure if this is the best place for this or not but: Using Ebay: Recently purchase three sets of Freemont Blackline Soprano strings from Lucy's Ukulele in Federal Way, WA. I was informed by Email that it had been sent: Arrived at my door just 4 days later - Airmail via USPS and Royal Mail...
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    kamaka HF1 bridge, nut and tuners

    I have a Kamaka in need of some care and attention. This Uke is in good condition but whether though some poor modifications or "special" set up I'm not sure but: The slots in the bridge seem enormous and only fairly thick nylon strings will sit easily in the A and G slots without tying...
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    Korg Clip on Uke Tuner

    Korg AW-2U Bought one of these recently to go in the case of uke #2. It's grand and in some ways I like it better than my Snark SN2, however for anyone considering one I've noticed the following: every now and again it will suddenly decide to read (almost) flat. e.g for A it reads G# and a wee...