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    Oulcraft ukuleles are back at Southern Ukulele Store. There were 4 but now only 2. Who owns an Oulcraft and do you like it?
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    Thoughts on the kanile'a 2020 Platinum and other Platinums

    Does anyone own the 2020 Platinum? What are your thoughts if you do? How does it play, sound etc and have you any videos to share? I've not seen much at all about this one on the forum. Generally what do people think of the 2020 as compared to the 2019 or 2018 Platinums? The only thing I'm not...
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    WTB - 2020 Platinum Kanilea

    Anyone looking to sell?
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    WTB - KoAloha Tenor

    Anyone got a koaloha tenor to sell? Would like mango but koa would be ok and would also consider opio / rosette models or the right concert. Would need to post to the UK. Cheers!
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    WTB: "High end" tenor

    Anyone rehoming a high end tenor? Side sound port and radius fretboard? Up to about $2000 and willing to post to UK?
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    Covid-19: what was it like for you?

    Firstly, if you've had the virus I hope you and all your loved ones have come through ok the other side. I'd be really interested to know what it actually felt like for different people. They're no longer testing here unless you're unfortunate enough to end up in hospital and information on what...
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    The rising cost of "hand"made ukes

    It seems to me that the cost of good quality luthier made ukes is getting a bit astronomical. I saw today a post for a "hand"made uke which substantial help from machinery to take the strain, listed for £4000! And an accompanying diatribe as to why this was a "fair" price. I understand that the...