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    Unknown brand

    Commonly there will be a label inside the F holes. I assume you have looked inside there?
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    FS: New Guitalele just completed

    Wow - great price!! Beautiful instrument!
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    SOLD!! Koaloha opio kto-10 acacia tenor —UNABLE TO CLOSE THREAD

    Congrats!! It was a great ukulele :)
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    SOLD!! Koaloha opio kto-10 acacia tenor —UNABLE TO CLOSE THREAD

    Oh, I would certainly be purchasing this if the current budget allowed it. Just a tight time for me.
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    CLOSED ~ Circle Strings Tenor Guitar HAS BEEN RE-HOMED ~

    Always love for a tenor guitar!! Yours is a lovely instrument, good luck with the sale!
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    For sale: 3 new Kelali Baritones

    All Honduran mahogany!!!
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    SOLD!! Koaloha opio kto-10 acacia tenor —UNABLE TO CLOSE THREAD

    Beautiful instrument!! I wish I had the funds for this one but I’m a little shy. Best wishes on the sale!
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    Ukuleles with fat C shape neck profiles

    In the guitar world, we call these baseball bat necks - well, at least back in the 80s and 90s we did. Basically a deep C neck profile. I love the soprano size ukulele, but a thin neck profile gives me troubles. I have a Pono mango and find the deep C neck profile on it to be perfect. My...
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    Tin Pan Alley

    Ok.... I admit I live under a rock. Call me late to the game, but I recently discovered the wonderful beauty of Tin Pan Alley ukulele. As an experienced musician of over 40 years, I consider myself a newbie to the TPA ukulele. I am asking for resources, tips, tricks, etc. to help my musical...
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    Your favorite Martin copy

    Hello everyone! Certainly Martin has a well known history with ukuleles. While these classic instruments can come with a hefty price tag, I am very curious to hear what Martin copies you all are finding in similarities. Certainly it is more than just an all mahogany instrument. With budget...
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    String set recommendations for reentrant fifths

    Hello all!! I have a couple of ukuleles tuned to fifths (CGDA) using the Aquila 31U string set (wound C and G). I would like to tune another reentrant, with a high C. The thing is, I think having the G string still wound might be a bit odd with the other three being unwound. However, in...
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    Steel string baritone options

    Hello all! I’m looking for ideas for steel string baritones. I know of the Pono offering but was wanting to know of others as well - hoping they have narrower nut widths than the common 1.5” nylon strung baritones. I have the Kala Tenor guitar, which is an amazing instrument for the price...
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    Classical ukulele

    Hello everyone! I love playing classical music on my ukulele. I've really been into fifths tuning lately. I'm curious to hear what other classical players are using for instruments. Do you like soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, long necks, short necks? I know players like Samantha Muir...
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    Filling tuner screw holes

    Hello gang. I have a recently acquired soprano that had the stock friction tuners replaced with geared tuners. I am wanting to replace the original friction tuners, which will obviously leave the screw holes visible. I am looking for the best way to fill these holes and hopefully be able to...
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    Eastman ukuleles

    I think there are a few Eastman uke owners here on the forum. I am considering purchasing a EU3C concert scale. Unfortunately, I cannot play before purchasing as it is an online sale. No Eastman's in my area. I would appreciate to hear from owners about the neck profile on these. Is is a C...
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    Fifths tuning - compensated saddle?

    Hello gang!! I love tuning in fifths. Surely stems back to my bowed instruments days as well as love playing the mandolin. I currently have my Martin S-O strung with Aquila 31U's - CGDA tuning (I was going to try the 30U's - GDAE but didn't want to deal with the high E string troubles others...
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    Martin S1 or Pono AS sopranos

    Well, I'm torn between the two. While I have experience with the Martin S-O, I have no experience with their newer/redesigned S1 nor the Pono AS acacia matte finish. The S1 is used in mint condition and the Pono AS is new. Both are just about the same price. So I ask... which one would YOU...
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    Soprano neck depths

    Hello gang! More commonly we talk about nut widths on soprano, and I agree it is surely an important factor on playability for the little buggers, but rarely I have seen discussion on neck depths / profiles. As I have very limited resources locally for higher end, quality ukuleles, I would...