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    Working through a bunch of Guitar Solos

    Hi, I've started to play through the Guitar Solos on Hoping to post them 5 at a time. Thank You Allan
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    Baker Street (Foo Fighters Version)

    Hi, Here is a recording that I did of playing the Foo Fighters version of the Gerry Rafferty classic Baker Street. I played the Bass Guitar and all Electric Guitar parts. The verse melody is a voice synth and the drums were created using Hydrogen Drum Machine. Let me know what you think and...
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    Weekly Ukulele Shorts

    Since the start of the year I've been attempting to record myself playing a short Ukulele fingerstyle song based on the tab at each week. Help me out by liking and subscribing - need to make it to 100 subscribers to get a custom link for my channel -...
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    Beginner from Scotland

    Hi, I'm Allan from Glasgow in Scotland. I used to play classical guitar when I was a teenager but put it aside when I started at University. Now many years later I decided to pick the guitar back up. After a month or two of relearning electric guitar I decided to buy a Bass Guitar and Ukulele...