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    Latest creation

    Hi everyone, wanted to share my latest creation. I don’t build a lot of all Koa ukes but here’s one. Koa back, sides and top Mahogany neck Ebony purflings Radiused Fretboard and a few inlays
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    Anyone using Alaska Yellow Cedar for necks?

    Just finished 2 ukes (the tree and the other in quilted Sapele) and used Alaska Yellow cedar for the necks on both. Maybe be just my experience but scent aside the stuff was not easy to work with. Very fibrous and hard to get sand marks off. Not to mention almost impossible to get any ebony...
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    Question on bending Mango

    I have bent many sets of all kinds of woods but Mango not being of of them. I'm about to build an All Mango Uke with some pretty curly stuff and before I crack a side I thought I'd those with experience. This stuff feels a lot like Myrtle/Walnut to me,so if I was to guess I'd say it will bend...
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    One more done ready to go. Number 3

    Well, this one is about the same as the other one just different woods. Back and sides are Curly Honduras Mahogany with a Sinker Redwood top. Ebony bindings with Blue Paua Purflings. A simple vine inlay for fret markers. [url=] [url=]...
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    Finally finished number 2

    Finished number 1 and 2. Wanted to share this one and see what you guys think. No need to go into the specs...I'm sure you guys know what it all is! Thanks! uke1 side headplate IMG_3510
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    Still haven't finished one but working on it...

    Hopefully soon one of these things will come together! LOL Meanwhile I'll keep tinkering and making some sawdust! Untitled
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    Lets see your neck blocks

    With guitar building deeply ingrained in my soul I tend to stick with things that I've done for the past 16 years with my guitars. Neck blocks being one of them. It may be a bit of an overkill but I believe a mortise and tenon neck to body connection is a pretty reliable joint and a good way to...
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    All New Cornerstone Ukulele - Shameless self promotion!

    hi everyone! I'm new here and new to the Ukulele as well. Today I was attacked by a vicious drill bit that decided to take a chunk out of my finger, so I'm using this down time to do a little plug... for myself! :rolleyes: A little about myself. I started building electric guitars from 1997 to...
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    New to Ukulele building

    Hi everyone, I've been building guitars for 16 years now but recently caught the Ukulele bug! I'd like to share some build pics and get opinions from the pros! Cheers, Peter
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    Hello everyone from California!

    Hi, just wanted to introduce myself. I am a long time guitar builder and a few months ago I got the bug to build some ukes! looking forward to learning more about ukes and sharing some of my work!