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  1. Arik

    Semi-Custom KoAloha Mango Tenor - IMPRESSION

    Beautiful semi-custom. Mango is an awesome tonewood. Love my KTM-00mg. Yours is super cool with the highly figured mango, rosette, and sound port! congrats
  2. Arik

    KoAloha to increase production of its Red Labels

    Oh dang! I love cedar!!
  3. Arik

    KoAloha to increase production of its Red Labels

    I wonder what their 2022 red labels are going to be? I had always loved the spruce top red labels from a few year back.
  4. Arik

    UAS is irrational

  5. Arik

    UAS is irrational

    Update. After some thought, working some extra shifts, and not wanting my case to sit there without a uke, I decided on picking up a new Rebel Mango Tenor. Been eyeballing this uke and this brand for a while. Rebel has been releasing some really awesome-looking mango. Fortunately or...
  6. Arik

    Quality high end tenor advice (Anuenue or ?)

    I wonder if you should just commission another custom uke. Hank Johnson at Kimo Ukulele builds some awesome ukes. You could give him all your specs and materials. His ukes are great and won't break the bank. I have 2 of his ukes. His sound is generally warm and projects a ton.
  7. Arik

    FS: Kamaka hf3

    That is some unique-looking Koa for Kamaka! good luck on the sale!
  8. Arik

    Koa makes everything cost more

    Lol. damn $400,000 for koa encased Apple computer! That does look like some nice Koa though...
  9. Arik

    Pigeon Tree Torrefied Spruce/African Blackwood Tenor -- "Fall"-- Sold--

    Gorgeous uke. Good luck with the sale.
  10. Arik

    NUD Hopefully End Of Next Week

    Congrats!! Looked up that model and it looks awesome!
  11. Arik

    NUUD - Not Even Original 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Saw your orig post about the Pluto and that a forum member offered the NEO. I was going to follow up on the NEO, thinking that your goal was the Pluto. Little did I know that you would have swooped up both!! Nice move:)
  12. Arik

    UAS is irrational

    Yes being on the forum is like feeding my addiction. I could sell the case but that would make too much sense😉
  13. Arik

    NUUD - Not Even Original 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Congrats on both of your Rebels! Guessing you ended up picking up both Pluto and the NEO from your WTB post. Both sound great. Been wanting to get a Rebel for my collection.
  14. Arik

    Online education degree - what do you think of it?

    Thanks Sporky for the clarification. I thought that I was the spammer after scrolling the thread and seeing all the spammer comments. Now that you bring it up, I do remember someone posting that which I didn't agree with.
  15. Arik

    Online education degree - what do you think of it?

    Oh wow. I had commented on this thread because it pushed as a new post. Not sure how that happened to be in the new post section (which is how I saw it). Sorry about that. Didn't mean to bring up an old thread. As an educator/professor I was excited to respond.
  16. Arik

    5 String Ukulele

    You could contact Joel at Uke Logic. He does custom string sets.
  17. Arik

    Online education degree - what do you think of it?

    I work in higher education and really depends on what works for you. One of the other commenters mentioned that they should be accredited, which is highly recommended. Make sure it's an institution that is recognized. Private for-profit schools are very expensive and many employers don't pay it...
  18. Arik

    UAS is irrational

    Not sure if anyone has had irrational thoughts due to UAS. I have an extra case and my mind is thinking maybe I should get another uke to put in the case...
  19. Arik

    Which renowned Luthier uses x bracing?

    Not sure if it is a recent fad but my ukes that have X-bracing sound great. I do think it's the builder that is key here. I think any bracing would sound good but really depends on the builder's design. The moon birds/koa birds have x-bracing and they sound fabulous, in resonance, tone, and...