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  1. trifire

    bruceweiart on ebay?

    Okey dokey, time to throw in my 6 cents ha!:) I did a "buy it now" on a bruceweiart solid mahogany tenor, the beginning of August. Unfortunately, the shipping company bruce deals with sent it to a guy in Oregon, and I'm in California. Fortunately and weirdly enough, the very nice guy in Oregon...
  2. trifire

    Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele

    I got the "Vintage Sunburst" Epi LP Concert uke. I took it to Gary Brawer in San Francisco, (awesome luthier in SF for stars such as Satriani, Metalica, Santana, Hagar etc.), pretty much right outta the box. Just like a Les Paul is heavy for an electric guitar, this IS heavy for a uke! But...