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  1. foxfair

    southcoast website is back

    For whoever like me want to check southcoast strings and wait for their new website, it is back now! Lots of new string sets are added in their website, go to visit: cheers,
  2. foxfair

    iTunes or physical album

    Does anyone know that musicians get more benefit back if I download the album in iTunes, or just go out and buy their 'real' album? Not sure which way I should go.
  3. foxfair

    Guess we're all ukulele geeks

    True that...
  4. foxfair

    Build a Ko'Aloha uke!

    Just saw this in the program of Cairns uke festival this year: The build workshop will take 2 days, and cost 500 for a soprano, or 600 if you want a concert-neck soprano.
  5. foxfair

    Compass Rose owners and fans, come to join!

    I just created a new group today, obviously if you are Compass Rose uke owners or fans you should join us! Come to share your lovely CR ukes, or discuss about it!
  6. foxfair

    Travel with your ukulele in/out of US

    If you are heading to / getting out by San Francisco Airport, no need to worry about custom officers and the blah blah Lacey Act. I just came back from US, the officers in SAN airport were busy enough and didn't give me too much trouble. In fact, they scanned my uke like usual hand-carried...
  7. foxfair

    Aww... Ukulele source is still closed

    Just checked before I head to California, and found that they are currently closed until 14th. That is one down from my visiting list, was hoping to check some K's ukuleles out there.
  8. foxfair

    International shipping by Elderly Instruments

    disclaimer: no special relationship with the store, other than a satisfied customer. etc etc... I put an order of various string sets from Elderly's online store in Sep 29, got a "shipped out" notice email in Oct 4th and waited for its arrival. The international shipment carried by USPS is...
  9. foxfair


    Somehow I figure out that I never made a post to introduce myself, so here we go: Hi everyone, another uke player from Asia; Taiwan particularly. I started noticing about ukulele in 1 year ago, and finally bought my first one in May this year. It's a cheapo but with Aquila strings somehow sounds...