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  1. Kaelrie

    "Having" vs. "Wanting"...

    I once heard a guitar teacher say something I thought was profound, that directly relates to this thread. He said our brains are wired to see acquiring new gear as "progress". It feels like you're progressing on the ukulele when you successfully hunt down and buy a new one. But you're not...
  2. Kaelrie

    In Praise of Cheap Ukes

    I've tried a number of cheap ukes, but the only one that sticks around is the enya nova mini, and that's mostly because it fills a desirable niche (super-compact, good-sounding, outdoor uke) for me.
  3. Kaelrie

    Price increases

    Can't be, since that didn't actually happen. It's demand coupled with extreme shortages and vastly-increased shipping/supply costs. The cost of wood alone has doubled or tripled in most places.
  4. Kaelrie

    slight change to Uke Crazy polyfoam cases

    Went there and saw they discontinued their molded ABS case. Whhhhyyyy? Those were soooo good! Tough as hell, outside material that can't be stained or scratched, AND a shoulder strap? They were perfect.
  5. Kaelrie

    Price increases

    The real shame is that instrument prices rarely ever come down when the problems get fixed and costs come down. The high prices just become the new normal and the companies enjoy the increased profits.
  6. Kaelrie

    Ohana TPK-25G Small Scale Sopranino

    I have this uke. It's never going to be my primary, but I really do like it. As someone with tiny hands even for a woman, the nut width doesn't bother me at all. It's fun when I want to take a uke that doesn't take up much space.
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    7 days later, Hawaii has run out of ICU beds and ventilators and is now using portable morgue trailers.
  8. Kaelrie

    NUD Disappointment

    None of my handmake ukes had any problems like that.
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    I'm just saying you don't seem to have an accurate view of what's going on, sequestered in your Zoom-based university teaching gig. The UH campus does not accurately represent the world, or the country, or even the state of Hawaii. The pandemic is not a peaceful vacation full of fun and joy...
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    MIDI out problem

    The Focusrite Solo can't read midi. If you want to use the midi, you'll need to get a midi to USB cable and connect it directly to your computer. Or use the headphone jack.
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    We all better hope that's not the case, because things and people are breaking. Factories and farms all over the world are closing. Healthcare workers and teachers are burning out and quitting en masse. Shortages are becoming rampant because it's getting harder and harder to make things...
  14. Kaelrie

    Solid wood Enya Novas coming soon

    Bernadette posted this video playing one. She doesn't review it, but she does play it a lot in the video. It's one of the transacoustic models. No idea what it'll cost.
  15. Kaelrie

    Shady uke companies? Leolani/Kumu

    Maybe 10 months ago, I saw a Leolani ukulele for $144 at Sam's Club in Honolulu. I was kinda curious about it, but no way was I going to buy a uke without knowing anything about the company. I'd never seen the brand in any local music store, which would be weird for a Hawaiian uke. So I...
  16. Kaelrie

    Is an HPL headstock hollow?

    I got an Enya ukulele and I love it, but the headstock is soooo thick tuners barely fit on it. I'd like to take a half inch off the thickness at the very end where tuners sit. But... I don't know about HPL construction. Is it solid? If so, it'd be easy to cut and then paint the underside...