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    How can I finally learn how to play by heart

    since I have to take a break with my challenge at the moment (I have to lie still and cannot sit or stand), I am preparing the next songs. Today I asked myself again how I can finally play one or the other piece by heart. If I have no lyrics with chords, I cannot play the songs that are simple...
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    unwanted messages, how can I delete spam?

    Hello, how can I delete unwanted messages in my thread? See last post on my „365 days - 365 songs“... It comes from member „selecta“ Thank you for help
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    Iphone microphone adjust sensivity? Application for selfie video with reverb effect?

    Hello everybody Since New Year's Eve I started recording one song with my iPhone every day. First without an external microphone, then with an external Focusrite iTrack Pocket, with a simple Lavalier microphone and now with a Shure MV88. With the Shure there is an app with which I can adjust...
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    365 Days - 365 Songs Challenge

    Playlist of my Challenge Hello, happy new Year! I am an nearly 58 year old crazy Girl from Germany who loves music. A few years ago I felt in love with the Ukulele and teached myself to play it all by myself. In this...
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    Hello from Bavaria Germany 😃

    Hello, I am 56 years old and felt in love with Ukulele a few years ago. Since then I tried to learn how to play this lovely instrument and till today I have a little success ☺️ Linda LeLouden gave me the hint to join this community. By now I have not enough courage to load up videos of my...