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    Pono ABD -6 Guitarelle

    Mint condition. Cedar Top, Acacia Back and sides, ebony radiuses fretboard. Purchased a few months ago, decided to travel with a guitar instead. $950 New, $750 shipped message for sound sample
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    Blackbird Farallon Neck Issues

    Hi, Has any one ever noticed problem with a bent or distorted fretboard on their Farallon? Ron
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    Blackbird Farallon with MiSi Pickup and Soundport

    Nice Blackbird Farallon, Mint condition, Mini Pickup Soundport, Sounds and plays great. This combination new is over $1800 Buy this one for $1250 shipped to CONUS
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    Kimo Super tenor Spruce/Ebony

    Beautiful 2019 Kimo Super Tenor Spruce/Ebony Ebony Fretboard Very little play time Great sound $1300 plus shipping
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    J. Rieck Spruce/Walnut Tenor. Mint

    Mint condition custom tenor radius fretboard Walnut back and sides Spruce top soundport ebony fretboard message for sound sample
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    LfDM Spruce Amazon tenor Mint

    Mint condition LfDM tenor with soundport, slot-head and all the beauty you would expect! I have two new LfDM tenors and am playing more guitar these days for some reason I can't add pictures, can see pictures on Reverb Ron $2950. plus shipping
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    NUD: Kimo Ancient Spruce/Myrtle Super Tenor

    My third Kimo, and this one is killer. Bought second hand, but essentially new. The ancient spruce looks a little like redwood, but not the sound. Came with a MiSi, unbelievable sound with my Hendricksen
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    KoAloha Silver Series Tenor LR Baggs Pickup

    Mint condition KoAloha Siver series all Koa tenor uke LR Baggs 5-0 pickup hardly played, nice Gator case hard case can hear sound sample from HMS website $1100 Shipped
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    Koa Bird 3

    Six months old absolutely minutes $1650 shipped These are rare and hard to find Too many ukes and playing much more classical guitar these days Recovering from two purchases of LfDM...
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    Moonbird Tenor excellent condition

    Spruce/Rosewood $1100 shipped Have two bird, can let one fly... Ron
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    Jeb Wiemer Spruce/Milo Custom Tenor

    Mint condition Spruce/Milo Tenor MiSi pick-up Radus fretboard Great player with super tone\ $2200 plus shipping
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    LfDM Spruce/walnut tenor

    Extremely nice LfDM tenor Few top marks otherwise mint Bastogne walnut, carpathian spruce Easy action Selling because I have two LfDM $2650 plus shipping
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    Kanile'a Mango Tenor Premium

    Lovely Mango Kanile'a Tenor, mint New in 2017, hardly played. Verifed with Kanile'a that it cost over $2000 new Rosewood fingerboard, non-radius Warm and slightly bright tone Sound sample $1300 plus shipping, case included
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    Reel Mango Tenor

    Very nice Rebel Mango Tenor. Purchased from Ukulele Station (Reverb HMS) a few months ago. Slight blemish on top, but plays and sounds great Ebony fretboard, Gloss finish Case included, can sent video clip From Listing: Brand new from Rebel Ukulele! This is an all solid mango tenor with a big...
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    NUD: Amazing Kimo Ebony/Spruce tenor

    Another fantastic instrument from Hank Johnson at Kimo Ukulele! Plays and sounds as beautiful as it looks. Now my second do his in my collection Ron
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    DaSilva James Hill Custom Tenor

    Insanely beautiful and sounding tenor! 2014 Radius Fretboard Slot-head Spruce/Koa Inlays on fretboard Excellent-Mint Condition $2400 plus shipping
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    Gotoh Tuners for KoAloha

    Hi, Can I put Gotoh’s on a KTM-O0? Ron
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    Anybody know what happened to Flea Market?

    The website won’t open and I get a message asking for an email and password? Ron
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    A boat from Indonesia has arrived at HMS

    And with it 29, yes Count them, 29 Romero creation ukuleles on their front page ! I imagine a few will be around for a while.