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    What is the most versatile Ukulele?

    The most versatile ukulele is the one in your hand right now. All other ukes useless to you. :) You can play any chord on any uke, and almost everyone tunes to C nowadays. Find the one that’s comfortable to play for you.
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    Fender Dhani Harrison Ukulele - REVIEW

    I can't say that I've played a Fender acoustic Anything that I cared for, and I say that as a player of the One True Electric, the Fender Telecaster.
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    Finger picking - do you alternate right hand fingers like classical guitarists do?

    Depends. What am I playing? It’s useful to learn both three-finger and four-finger fingerpicking. Some things play better with with an alternating thumb bass ala Travis, and some do better with four-finger rolls. Scales? YES. Alternating and rolling fingers were a revelation. I play a...
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    Can a mandolin be tuned to GCEA or DGBE?

    Tommy Mittola used to tune all his 4-string instruments dgbe, or gcea if they were smaller. That way he only had to know one fingering, everything else being a transposition. That made him more money, "Hey Tommy, you know a Mando player." "I play Mando . . what you need?"
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    Sea Shanties

    Hoist up the Thing . .
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    Low G to Baritone Question

    My Kala baritone, that I now use for Renn Guitar in “Low G,” actually sounded MUCH better tuned to A (EAC#F#), than it ever did in G. Sometimes a step or even a semi tone up or down can make a huge difference with a particular instrument.
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    Why gCEA notation and not G4 C4 E4 A4

    I mean it SHOULD be g’c’e’a’ or gc’e’a’, for high and low G respectively, but everyone who plays uke groks Gcea vs gcea so it works. No need to change it for common use. When you need more precision, Heimholz notation is waiting for you
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    Tenor tuning on a baritone...

    Living Water and PhD both make string sets for Low G in Baritone scale. I’m currently using Worth Browns for Soprano Low G, which are similar in gage. Those are actually a bit loose on a Bari, but unfortunately you lose the “Two Sets…” thing. Jazzy Ukulele does his recordings on a Baritone...
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    Best GCEA strings for longneck/long-scale/super tenor?

    For my Erzatz Renn Guitar, a Bari tuned Low G, I’m currently using PhD strings for Low G bari. I’ve also used a low-tension Soprano set, which tuned up at a nice tension
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    tuning options for baritone

    Too many to name. With bog-standard strings, you can tune tune anything from B to E on the 4th string, and probably beyond that without the tension getting too crazy. Reentrant strings are available for both C and G tuning, any linear tuning can be made into an open tuning by dropping the...
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    Capo for beginners

    It’s in the bottom of the gig bag where you’ll spot it every six months or so and say, “Oh That’s where that got to…” the promptly ignored until the One Time In Years you’ve wanted a capo, at which point it won’t be there, so you’ll go buy another . . At which point it reappears, naturally
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    Capo for beginners

    A capo is a useful tool for EVERYONE. Little story. I’m playing with the best guitar player I’ve ever known. We’re playing Fleetwood Mac’s Say That You Love Me, which is in A. Now A is quite the guitar-friendly key, no worries Mate, but Terry’s playing Cowboy G chords . . So I ask, “A...
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    Mu chords

    Another thing to keep in mind with Steely Dan. As a keyboard player, I can tell you that many of the things Fagin plays are, "I'm playing the tonic chord while I change my LH notes," and Always with smooth voice leading. Translating to ukulele is necessarily going to be an approximation.
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    Best Shops in Japan ?

    Ukulele Mania, run by an ExPat Most of the customers are Japanese, so a gaijin will be a novelty
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    Aquila strings on new ukuleles

    We Med/Renn enthusiasts know that you’re HUGE in Early Music. I don’t think I’ve encountered an early stringed instrument website or luthier who didn’t enthusiastically endorse Nylgut for their instrumentsI
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    Aloha . Beginner Baritone .

    Cool! The MOST important thing to know is that the chord NAMES are the same . . . A G chord is a G chord . . . BUT the shapes are different. So “what are the baritone chords for…”. Same as for Uke, Mando, Guitar, Piano, or kazoo band… :) As for which? The MOST important thing about a Uke is...
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    It can be tricky, because sometimes the people who transcribe chords are wrong, and sometimes they'll incorrectly latch onto a melodic passing tone and call it a "13th chord" or whatever. The other thing you'll bump into is that there are quite a few subtly different ways to name chords...
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    Question about tuning

    The "trick" as it were is that "E-Tuning" on a guitar is really "G-Tuning" . . . G, C, and D are all open, first position chords just like they are on Baritone uke, as opposed to E which needs a bar chord to play a B. Most guitar players don't think that way, unless they're paying attention.
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    Cut Capo for open tuning?

    Hey, Looking for a capo that covers 2-3-4, so if it's on the 2nd fret I get a'd'f#'a' ("Open D", "Machete D", etc). Does anyone make that? If I have to mod my own, what things to I need to watch out for when modding? Does it need an "outrigger" touching the fingerboard beyond the 1st string...
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    RIP Neil Peart

    One of the nicest men in music. Uke cover of Closer to the Heart