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  1. snowdenn

    how big are your ukulele collections?

    Haha, are you me?
  2. snowdenn

    Seaguar Blue Label samples - got what I wanted, thanks!

    Er, do you not want the pink then? I haven't found them yet, and it would spare me the search.
  3. snowdenn

    How do you determine that your current instrument is holding you back?

    I get what you're saying, but one of my best sounding ukes was made by someone a bit older, who's vision wasn't the best. Everything's straight and well constructed. But the finish was not the greatest. I just realized you said "paint" instead of finish. I generally think of good ukes as not...
  4. snowdenn

    Which soprano brand would you recommend as a keeper?

    I have to agree with Dohle that KoAlohas really shine on the smaller scales. I've found some variation with their ukes (even the same models), but they've been consistently good, and the best sounding soprano I heard was a Silver Anniversary. I don't think it sounded better because it was a...
  5. snowdenn

    Seaguar Blue Label samples - got what I wanted, thanks!

    A while back, I randomly came across some deeply discounted Seaguar Pink labels and I believe a Blue label as well, so I bought em. I can't remember what weights they were, and actually, I don't know if I still have them, but when I get a chance, I can look through some storage boxes to see if I...
  6. snowdenn

    Sopranino by David Hanson SOLD! Thank you for all the interest, and nice comments.

    Yes, looks like Graphtechs. I know people like them, but it's hard for me to get past the looks. The sopranino is a beauty though, and if it just had some nice friction tuners, I think I'd already have taken it. That price sounds like a steal for a unique, hand-made, quality uke.
  7. snowdenn

    Kanile'a/Islander Bridge Pin Slots Face Backwards?

    I looked through a few threads but I couldn't find an answer to this question. I dimly recall someone saying the slot/groove in the pin is supposed to face "backwards" away from the headstock. Is this correct? I just got a GL6, and as I was trying to tune, the string popped out (but the pin...
  8. snowdenn

    Question about an Islander GL6

    Not sure if this goes here or in a different forum. I've been thinking about getting an Islander GL6 and found one online with a bit of a discount. The discount is because of some small marks on the heel, and because of a really small gap between the neck and body on the treble side of the heel...
  9. snowdenn

    Woodpecker Instruments?

    Anyone heard of or have any experience with this brand? They make mini/travel guitars and ukuleles at what seems like somewhere between entry level and mid-tier quality/cost. Some of their instrument descriptions say solid koa, though I'm willing to bet they're referring to non-Hawaiian acacia...
  10. snowdenn

    If your name is "Eric W."

    There's a custom Pono tenor being sold by HMS on Reverb right now, with a slotted headstock, spruce and rosewood body, sunburst, cutaway, an arm bevel, and your name on it, if your name is Eric W. I'm not the type to put my name on my instrument. I think it's a bit cheesy, but if that's your...
  11. snowdenn

    Is This an Acceptable B-stock Blemish?

    Just wondering what counts as an acceptable B-stock blemish. For an otherwise new instrument, does B-stock mean superficial only, or does it also includes dings, dents, and the like? Would the chip in the binding pictured below be acceptable as B-stock?
  12. snowdenn

    Wound Nylon/Fluorocarbons + Steel Strings for Baritone?

    I was following another thread about steel string baritones, and saw a link about the possibility of putting special, low tension "soft" steel strings on regularly braced/built baritones. I think they were made for classical guitars. There's still a worry about too much tension, as these steel...
  13. snowdenn

    The new KoAlanas?

    Has anybody tried any of the new KoAlana ukuleles? I've been helping someone look for a decent all laminate, and these came up. Personally, I love KoAlohas, and the Opios are great, but I'm not sure what to make of their laminate models. Anyone have experience with them? This person doesn't...
  14. snowdenn

    Bear claw spruce for soprano top?

    Soprano with bear claw spruce front and back, which is really unusual. Made by Pops (Alvin Okami). The bear claw stripe down the middle of the back is beautiful but a little off center. There are other little finish issues that were minor, but possibly the best sounding soprano I've played and...
  15. snowdenn

    Bent Fret Questions

    I have a fret that's bent on my uke. I don't know how it happened because it came to me that way. If you look at the pic, it's on the edge of the first fret. There's no sign of damage around it, on the fretboard or the fretboard binding, so I'm wondering if this is something that could have...
  16. snowdenn

    Am I the only one who dislikes rope binding?

    Here's one I like with rope binding: After seeing the revived Bird on a Wire thread in the marketplace, I went over to take a look at the website. Looking through the gallery, this Nunes style tenor was my favorite, rope binding and all. Even though I tend to prefer no rope binding on most...
  17. snowdenn

    WTB: Baritone (Larrivee, MP Cali, LoPrinzi)

    Wondering if anyone has a Larrivee baritone that they're not really playing. Would consider an MP Cali or LoPrinzi, maybe a Covered Bridge or other baritone. Not really interested in anything vintage, or Ponos, or Kalas, or the like. I'm not really picky about the wood. A bit more picky about...
  18. snowdenn

    Low G Nut Slot File

    I have a couple re-entrant ukes that I'd like to switch to linear, and I have several different low G strings, though I don't know the exact gauge for some. I'm not a builder and don't have the tools to do even a simple set up. But since I'm not able to take my ukes to any luthiers, I'm...
  19. snowdenn


    Maybe kind of a longshot, but anyone heard of this maker? I came across mention and videos of ukuleles made by a builder named Rubbenstroth, but I can't find a lot of information about them.
  20. snowdenn

    Ranking the K brands by size

    Sometimes I hear the opinion that a particular K brand is better than the others at making a particular size. So one excels at sopranos. Another at making concerts. And another makes better tenors. For example, I've heard before the opinion that Kanile'a makes better tenors. KoAloha shines with...