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    Saddle movement

    What would cause the saddle to move? I noticed today the saddle on my Collings UC 1 had moved towards the A string. Thank you
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    Chord fingering help

    I am trying to play “My Foolish Heart” by Margaret Whiting. I am using e-chords for the chords. There is a A7+, and a D7+ listed. I cannot find how to play these chords, and their listed fingerings in e-chord doesn’t seem correct. I looked in my Roy Sakuma Ukulele Chord book and don’t find...
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    Sacramento Area Uke groups

    Are there any Sacramento Area Uke get together groups? I know there is in Roseville, however, that is quite a drive through traffic. Thank you
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    I recently purchased a 12” Ipad. I am computer challenged, however, i would like recommendations on: Program to put songs such as Aldrine’s lessons, which would include the words, chords, and the tabs. Program to then store my information on my Ipad. Thank you
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    Malagueña tabs

    I had a tab sheet for Malagueña which I thought I got on this forum. Now I can't find it. Maybe my searching abilities are not that good. It was from last year, and was printed out nicely, not hand written. It was for low G if I recall correctly. Anyone? Thank you in advance
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    First Cut is the Deepest

    Looking for picking pattern ...please, thank you! Using G, D, C chords. Unless there is something better, different.
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    What is your definition of OBO ?

    I recently saw a uke on this forum i was interested in. Seller had listing along with the price and "or OBO". I sent a PM asking what the rock bottom price would be. I was given a price and said thank you but unable to swing that right now. I was then asked to give an offer. I did. I was...
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    How to you keep your music?

    i have sheet music that i have printed out in 3 different binders. How do you keep your music? Ipod, tablets, computer? in a binder?
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    Sacramento/Elk Grove Groups

    Are there any Sacramento/Elk Grove area groups? If so, please advise. If not, would someone like to start one (or more) up?
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    Going Crazy!!!

    Tore my left bicep ligament and had surgery on Saturday to repair. In a cast and can't hold the uke. I even tried making chords/fingering from the g string side!! No can do. In this cast for two weeks, then moving to a different type of cast. Can't play...only watching u tube...
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    Victoria Vox Daffodil

    Need help with Daffodil chords please....thanks
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    UU lessons

    Don't know if this is the right place to post....however, if i sign up for the uke lessons on UU, would it give me access to chord charts for the free online lessons provided by Aldrine? Trying to write them down is getting frustrating!! Thanks
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    Chords for Popsicle Toes by Michael Franks

    Chords for Popsicle Toes by Michael Franks...
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    sabor a mi

    trying to find chords for sabor a mi by edie gorme and los there a place to find mexican music for the ukulele? thank you....
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    Hope i am posting this in the right place. My dad gave me his uke last year (and i am now hooked) and he also gave me his Slingerland short neck tenor banjo. What are the possibilities of stringing the banjo to tune like the uke? Was thinking of trying the Worth strings as they are longer...
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    Greetings from Northern California

    Thank you for the opportunity to join the group. i have been reading, and learning a lot since my dad got me hooked on the uke late last year. He gave me his Martin uke, which he purchased while in high school. Didn't have $$ to pay for it....gave the music store owner $2 a week til he paid...