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    Cut Capo for open tuning?

    Hey, Looking for a capo that covers 2-3-4, so if it's on the 2nd fret I get a'd'f#'a' ("Open D", "Machete D", etc). Does anyone make that? If I have to mod my own, what things to I need to watch out for when modding? Does it need an "outrigger" touching the fingerboard beyond the 1st string...
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    RIP Neil Peart

    One of the nicest men in music. Uke cover of Closer to the Heart
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    Looking for 8-string Baritone to play 2-2-2-1

    Guys, I've been playing Renn Guitar repertoire on a Bari strung for Low G. While a bari is roughly the right scale, a Renn guitar had double courses on 2, 3, and 4. What I'm imagining is an inexpensive 8-string that could be setup with 7 strings to replicate the Renaissance without dropping...
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    Experiment: BL-LGs as Low G on a Bari

    My last set of Southcoast (RIP) LL-NWs gave up the ghost. While I search for a new flouro replacement, I discovered I had a set of Worth BL-LGs, which they sell as "Low G Soprano." Fitting them up, they're a smidge heavier than the LL-NWs, but up to tension they're actually a bit softer. This...
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    Fall 2019: WTB Low G BARI strings

    Just put on my last set of Soutbcoast (RIP) LL-NW on my Bari for Low G So two questions: 1. Is anyone other than Living Water making Low G strings for Bari? 2. Is anyone in the US Contiguous 48 selling them? I don’t mind ordering them from HI if that’s the only source, just seems a bit...
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    Kala Spruce Bari . . . now in C

    Okay, I have a lead on how to string the Nui . . So now my Kala spruce Bari . . which LOVES being in gc'e'a' . . . just got my LAST set of Southcoast LLNWs. . . RIP Dirk . . . So what's next? Who makes light gauge strings for linear tuning? Worth Clears maybe? I'm not sure whether their...
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    New strings for a new Nui?

    Guys, My Pono Bari Nui arrived yesterday. Woot . . But . .um .. How to String it? For the unfamiliar, this is 23" scale, tuned Dog Bone like a bari. Set it came with has a single wound fourth, but nothing on Pono's website suggests what they might be. Thoughts? I'm willing to break up a...
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    Bluegrass Patterns in 3/4?

    Ukers, Got a tune that's crying out for something like a bluegrass 1st and 2nd finger leading pattern (as described in Aaron Keim's book), but in 3/4 What I can find online is all in 4/4. Any good exemplerers of "Bluegrass Waltzing" or similar? Better, and tab or notation of patterns in 3/4...
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    Shanghai Ukulele Players Meetup . er . . Meet

    Those of you doing the ExPat Hong Kong Visa Shuffle Rejoice! That's right, the Shanghai Ukulele Players Meetup group is . .er . . Meeting Up . . . Wednesday 9 December 2015 for an evening of Christmas, Solstice, Chaunakka, (Callender) New Year and Holy Crap We Lasted a Whole Year (which is...
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    Sir Roger de Coverly ala Cantabile

    Guys, Looking for a cantabile arrangement of Sir Roger de Coverly. Or, alternatively, what key should I pitch it in to roll my own for C-reentrant tuning? Thanks CD
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    How Thick a Pick?

    I'm playing some of pdfMinstrel's plectrum tunes. How thick a pick should I be starting out with? Flatpick guitar sites seem to all say "Over 1mm" What I'm using now is called "Medium" and is 0.85mm I'm playing plectrum on a Bari.
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    Preamp for Electric/Acoustic?

    Looking to get a "acoustic with a pickup," not anything solid-body like a Konablaster. What about a pre-amp? Primary application will be playing direct into house sound system. Secondary will be as "Yet Another Way" to get sound into my computer. While an acoustic amp is on my "someday...
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    Shanghai Ukers Meetup Group

    Did you know that Shanghai has a MeetUP Ukulele group? Well you do now! First, get your VPN working. Next go to meetup and search for "Shanghai Ukulele" Usually mid-Month at TheFix in Jingan, but sometimes elsewhere/when
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    Intermediate Baritone Books

    Exactly what it says on the tin . . . Fingerpickin', Strummin', Blues, Bluegrass . . Stuff between "This is a ukulele" and "Step 1: Be born James Hill"
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    Old Me in a New Place

    您好!! Well, The Boss Man says, "Get yer sorry behind to China . . " Or rather, we were working with a team in Shanghai, but Reorgs Happen. Some people spell "reorg" with an "s" and a "t" Anyway, it seems the Shanghai team liked me well enough to want me back—so here I am. I'm temporarily in...
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    Strings for Finger-Pickin'?

    As a general guideline, do stiffer or softer strings work better for finger-picking? This is for tenor, reeentrant tuning.
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    Shanghai Clubs, Jams, Players . . .?

    We're looking at a potential 2-year stint in Shanghai. Are there any jams there? Any good expat gatherings? We haven't decided whether we're living in Puxi or Pudong yet beyond "We want to be close to the Metro."
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    Well Gol-Durnnut!!! . . UAS senses tingling . . .

    I got this great idea to find the One True String for my Baritone tuned in A (Low E). I had an appropriate set of strings, so while the several sets are on-order, I restrung it to C (Low G.) It sounds REALLY nice in C, and I made a row playing some low-G-Friendly picking songs, and some of...
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    LH Fingering McKikkop "20 Easy..." Exercise 1

    I've got a LH fingering challenge on the very first exercise. Oddly I have no such problems with the next two. In the second bar I'm currently playing: (pitch-string-fret-finger) a'-4-2-2, c'-3-o f'-2-1-1 (so far, so conventional) a'-4-2-3 (Starts getting weird here . . . ) Slide to...
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    LH Fingering consecutive notes on the same string

    What are some ways to finger the left hand something like this: f#' (2-string 2nd fret) d' (3-string 2nd fret) f' (2-string 1st fret) 3, 2, 1? Will that continue to work at speed? These are detached notes where I don't want the strings to ring out. Alternatives? Yes, it's a weird example...