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  1. david98116

    Kanile'a K-1 Super Concert (Like New Condition)

    Aloha all, I have reached a point where I have to get rid of my most beloved instrument. This is something that I really don't want to do but I simply need money for a higher priority right now. This is a beautiful looking & sounding ukulele. It was purchased in February of 2008 and has been...
  2. david98116

    Jason Mraz Live

    OK.....If you have not seen this guy live you are truly missing out. The love of music is so absolutely clear that you can't help but get swept up. Best of all, at his show in Seattle he breaks out his Bari uke and professes his love for ukulele contemporary music. He then breaks out and plays 4...
  3. david98116

    D-G-B Movable chord shapes

    Ok guys.....does anybody use movable chord shapes a lot. I find the topic baffling and enjoyable all at once. I mean the basics are straight forward but as you move through all the variations (ie: 6, 7, sus4, 6/9) it makes my head spin. Any thoughts? Did I even ask a question? Excuse me as it is...
  4. david98116

    Anybody play Soprano out there ?

    I have several beauties in my collection right now and have yet to bring a soprano uke into the family. So far I seem to enjoy the concert sound/size the most. I like the tenors too. Anybody here play or have played soprano before. What do you like about them? What don't you like? Let me know.....
  5. david98116

    Something (Beatles cover)

    A second whirl at it. It's really hard to play while the cam is "watching me". Anyway here goes again. By the way...the first song I learned to play was "somewhere.../wonderful world". Technically this is my second song that I really even tried to learn. Guess I have dreams of being an over...
  6. david98116

    Another Something Cover

    My lame attempt at the Beatles classic. Inspired and taught by both the Dominator and Aldrine Guerrero versions. Much mahalos for the instruction. Hope my slow and amateur playing helps some newer uke players out there. Aloha & enjoy.
  7. david98116

    Does anyone know the song Sundo by Imago

    Calling all Pinoys in this forum (& any non pinoys as well). Can anybody tab or give the chords for this song. It's just in my head and my wife loves this song. Much mahalos in advance.