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  1. rorym

    Lots of people can't post on the forum- is this being looked into?

    All my comments since the update have been marked as “waiting for moderator”. If this one doesn’t get through I, too, will create a new account.
  2. rorym

    awaiting moderator approval…

    awaiting moderator approval…
  3. rorym

    awaiting moderator approval

    All my recent comments from the past several days seem to be "awaiting moderator approval". How does that work?
  4. rorym


    All my comments, even on threads I started, are marked as waiting for moderator approval. How’s that work? What is the typical wait time for having a comment approved?
  5. rorym

    Bass Preamp???

    @tluxtele thanks for the info, it aligns with my research on the topic. I’ll be using the little Fender Rumble as a practice amp for now.
  6. rorym

    Looking at a Kala KA-SMHT-SC - Thoughts?

    I had one of these for a while. I almost wish I had not sold it - it will sound wonderful with Worth Browns.
  7. rorym

    Points (new feature)

    How does the ”like” feature work? I don’t see any buttons to press.
  8. rorym

    Bass Preamp???

    I found a small bass amp for sale on FB. A older fender rumble 15. The seller was a good friends daughter! That will have to do for a while. I still need to eventually find my son a practice drum amp.
  9. rorym

    Which strings for down-tuning a tenor?

    I’ve got a set of Worth high D‘s plus a Freemont Soloist on my Flight Phantom tenor. Its there in my avatar pic. I very happily tune it anywhere from low D to low F.
  10. rorym

    Forget UAS

    The Point. Oh geez. we showed that movie to my now twenty something kids when they were ten-ish. They have never forgiven us for that transgression.
  11. rorym

    Bass Preamp???

    I’ve been learning to play bass on my two UBasses. A Kala Scout (acoustic) and a solid body Kala SUB. It’s time, I think, to up the ante. I’ve been running the SUB directly into a small guitar amp set at a fairly low volume. That’s what I have, and has been sufficient while I learn the basics...
  12. rorym

    Luthier Brian Griffin interview

    A nice interview of Brian Griffin by Stu Fuchs. Brian is a wonderful person and I was with him when he delivered this particular ukulele to Stu (in person)
  13. rorym

    Quiet uke for practicing.

    I’m looking for advice on a very quiet uke that I can connect a set of headphones to. I doubt if I’d ever need it for performances, which are rare. I used to have a Risa solid tenor stick, and I am not interested in that form factor. It sounded nice, and was great for travel, but it just...
  14. rorym

    Kala SUB UBass

    I've adjusted the G string and the volume is a bit better, but it is still not quite as loud as the other 3 strings. I did find a thread on talkbass that discusses a possible solution (comment #14), but I'm not quite ready to try it...
  15. rorym

    Kala SUB UBass

    A black Kala SUB UBass has come up for sale on craigslist very near me. I’m wondering if this model stands the test of time. How would it compare to, say, a Hadean solid body?
  16. rorym

    Uke Bass String Type Change

    I’m considering purchasing a solid body bass uke to complement my acoustic Kala Scout. I’d want to put round wounds on it so as to get more of a standard electric bass sound out of it. My question is do I need to make modifications to the uke to do this. And if so, what? The Kala round wounds...
  17. rorym

    Amp Hiss

    I’m looking for a practice amp for my electro-acoustic U-Bass. Most of the time I’m fine playing it without amplification but I’ll eventually need to be amplified when I start playing with others. The problem I have is that some amps have an annoying hiss and therefore will never buy one...
  18. rorym

    Strap: Is this a mistake?

    I’ve always attached my strap just above the nut which has served me just fine. I just realized that with my relatively new Kala I could utilize the slotted headstock to move the mount location 3 cm higher and get the string away from the top of the fret board. The headstock is 2 cm thick and...
  19. rorym

    Can you tell me about this Banjo Uke?

    This was my grandmothers. Other than that I don't know it's story. When I got it, some 30 years ago, both the neck and the resonator(?!) were painted black. And those are not the original tuners.
  20. rorym

    WTB: Cedar top cutaway tenor.

    A Kala KA-ATP-CTG-CE (or similar) is what I’m looking for. Redwood is also nice, but cost is a factor.