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  1. EDW

    Tea for Two with Byron Yasui

    Here is a nice arrangement of Tea for Two by the amazing teacher, player and musician Byron Yasui. It has some great sounding jazz chords and voicings Byron is a great musician. He has such a wide range of skills and...
  2. EDW

    Risa electric ukes

    I see that Jake Wildwood has a couple of Risa electric ukes posted on his site. They are quite attractive and reputed to be well made instruments for those who want to rock out and like the steel string. I recall Baz gave them a favorable review. You don't see them too often and I have not heard...
  3. EDW

    FS: Vintage Martin Ukulele

    I believe this instrument is likely from somewhere in the 50s. It is in beautiful shape- no cracks or repairs that I can see. It sounds amazing with plenty of that classic Martin soprano zing and volume to spare. The tuners are new. It currently is strung with Martin Premium Polygut strings...
  4. EDW

    Ukulele Uff Trio new recording

    Just saw that there is a new release by the Ukulele Uff Trio (Chris Hough) He is a brilliant player and they do some great old vintage repertoire. Both of their releases are well worth checking out.
  5. EDW

    Vintage Martin color

    Looking at pics of various instruments, I have seen some variation in color of vintage Martins. Most are a medium brown color, with many looking to have a natural finish. There are some that seem to be much darker, like the color of dark chocolate. Did Martin make instruments with different...
  6. EDW

    Weymann ukulele

    FYI- I thought I would point this one out. Some months back I bought this Weymann. It is a wonderful instrument made in 1920 in the Martin style. There are a couple of details that are slightly different, otherwise you would easily think it is a Martin build from the looks and playing. It has a...
  7. EDW

    Martin OX strings

    I am curious if anyone has found that they prefer any different strings on their Martin OX/OXK or if the standard Martins seem to be the best overall choice. Certainly Martins seem to be a good all around string with many instruments
  8. EDW

    Guitar Center Files for bankruptcy

    Just saw this in the NYT
  9. EDW

    Wild looking Harmony

    You see lots of Harmony ukes from over the decades. I don't think I have ever seen one like this wild design
  10. EDW

    FS/FT Aquila Sugar and Red soprano strings

    2 sets of the new Aquila squeakless Sugar strings, 1 set Aquila Red Soprano. Selling all 3 together $13 or trade for a set of Worth Brown soprano (BM or BL) send me a PM or email if interested.
  11. EDW

    1920 Weymann uke

    I recently came across this 1920 Weymann soprano uke. You don't find these around too often. These were made in Philadelphia. It is a very nice quality well built instrument of lovely mahogany. It is pretty much the same dimensions as a Martin, but with some subtle differences. It is in lovely...
  12. EDW

    Avett Brothers with uke

  13. EDW

    Nice covered bridge for sale

    I have no connection to this, other than enjoying Jake's site. Lovely instrument in looks and sound. He speaks very highly of it!/2019-Covered-Bridge-Concert-Ukulele/p/188175347/category=0
  14. EDW

    Must be a custom Kamaka

    I never realized that they used plywood (?) for the backs :uhoh:
  15. EDW

    FS- Flight TUS35 travel uke black

    FS--Flight TUS 35 black- Excellent condition. There is a small spot of the headstock logo which rubbed off from a clip tuner. Great playing instrument with lots of volume, currently strung with flourocarbons. $40 shipped US/ $50 with Kaces soprano gig bag. (the bag is a $23 value) The Kaces...
  16. EDW

    Jon Anderson on uke

    Browsing around, I came across this one. Jon Anderson (of the band Yes) playing the Beatles "Day in the Life"
  17. EDW

    For any Beatle fans!

    I recently came across this podcast. It really goes in depth about the genius of George Martin and his arranging and production techniques with the Beatles. Fascinating stuff
  18. EDW

    A question of ethics

    A short while back I sold a vintage instrument which had an excellently repaired crack. I was fully honest in the sale, disclosing the repair to the buyer. Now I see the instrument listed on ebay for sale and the seller says "Beautiful instrument with no cracks". On one hand I suppose it is...
  19. EDW

    FT- Savarez soprano/concert ukulele strings

    I have a new set of Savarez soprano/concert ukulele strings that I would be interested in trading for a set of clear fluorocarbon soprano strings. (Worth, Fremont, Martin, etc) I will also consider selling them if someone does not have a worthwhile trade. Send me a PM or email
  20. EDW

    FS-Aquila New Nylgut soprano strings

    3 sets of New Nylgut soprano strings. Reentrant gcea tuning. $14 shipped US Send me a PM or email I'll take reasonable offers as well