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    WTB: Maui Music Soprano

    Probably a long shot, but let me know if you have one you'd like to sell...ideally with the curved/vintage headstock shape.
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    Flea Walnut Soprano

    Sold Great condition. No issues. Plays great and sounds just like a Flea should. Made in the USA. No case. $150 OBO.
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    Ohana SK-38 Mahogany Soprano

    Ohana's version of the Martin Style 2. Purchased new from MIM. Set up is great. Maybe some strumming marks on it but otherwise in great condition. No case. $140 shipped OBO.
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    Kanilea Soprano KS-1 Silk

    Like new...just a few weeks old. Plays great just like every other Kanilea I've played. This has Kanilea's Silk finish which feels fantastic. Includes Uke Crazy rigid canvas case. Free shipping. Feel free to email frolfer at gmail for better pics. $650 shipped within the continental US.
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    WTB: Kamaka HF-2 Concert

    Hi All, Anyone have one of these lying around collecting dust that you'd like to sell? I'm not too picky regarding age or condition. If you have one, please send me a PM or email (frolferatgmail) and let me know the age, condition and ballpark price. Thanks!
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    WTB: Soprano Black Bear, Pohaku, Donaldson,...

    Hi All, looking for something from a small builder. I’m sure I’m missing some others but my mind is drawing a blank. I’ve owned some of these in the past and want to start playing again. Thanks, Dave
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    WTB: Covered Bridge

    Please send me a PM if you have a tenor or concert. Thanks, Dave
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    FS: 2019 Koaloha Concert

    2019 KoAloha Concert Solid koa body Made in Hawaii Purchased at the factory after a tour. Played only a few times. Mint condition Great setup Includes gig bag These latest models have ebony fretboard and bridge, abalone inlays and gloss finish $775 shipped
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    FS: Covered Bridge Myrtle Concert

    Hi All, For sale is my mint condition Covered Bridge myrtle concert ukulele. I purchased this new late 2017. The date stamp is April 2017. No marks or scratches. Comes with a canvas foam case. Excellent setup. Straight neck. No buzz. Good action and intonation. This is a sweet sounding uke...
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    WTB Martin Style 3 Cherry Soprano

    I had one several years ago and miss it....!
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    Martin S-1

    SOLD Original owner. Bought new a few years ago. It has one of the darkest brown finishes that I have seen. Great action and intonation. Loud with lots of bark. There is a small mark on the bottom edge as shown in photo. Probably some strum marks too. It’s been played but well taken care of...
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    Mele Mahogany Soprano w/ thin neck

    SOLD Hi All, I bought this new in 2017 in Maui while on vacation. This appears to be new old stock as this is a discontinued model from Mele. It has a smaller body than their new sopranos. This one has a few scratches on it from being in the store so long that are hard to photo. My...
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    Larrivee Spruce Top Tenor

    Sold Hi All, This has been the summer of tenors for sale on UU...This may be the lowest priced made in the USA tenor that I've seen listed lately. This tenor Larrivee has a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides. These are made in CA. Fit and finish are spectacular. I've owned and...
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    WTB: Covered Bridge Tenor

    Love how they look and have heard so many great things about them. Please PM if you have one you'd like to sell...
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    Kamaka 100th Year Anniversary Soprano

    SOLD Hi All, For sale or trade (interested in a tenor) is my Kamaka soprano. Here are the details: One owner Purchased new a few months ago 12/31/16 build date (last of the anniversary models) No marks or issues Good action/intonation. Factory setup. Kamaka strings Kamaka Anniversary case...
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    FS: Kamaka Concert HF-2

    SOLD Hi All, I love sopranos, but once every year or two I try a concert, tenor or baritone....This year it was a Kamaka concert. I bought this new last year. The date stamp is December 2015....So it was the last of the pre-centennial Kamaka's (maybe someday that'll mean something:confused:)...
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    WTB Mya Moe Soprano

    Let me know what you have....Any wood is fine. Thanks, Dave
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    Kamaka Gold Label Soprano w/ Original Case

    Sold Kamaka Gold Label Soprano in excellent condition. It looks like it has had very little playtime. Strum marks are barely visible and there are maybe a couple of small scratches. The string slots on the bridge look perfect. There are no cracks. The original case (I think) looks and works...
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    Black Bear Pineapple Mahogany Soprano

    Sold One owner. Purchased new this year. Mahogany body. Mango neck with worms holes. Awesome friction tuners. Soprano scale with 14 fret join to the body. Excellent condition. No dings or scratches. Comes with a gig bag. Great setup and action. Sweet sound. $475 shipped. PayPal.
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    FS: Magic Fluke Firefly

    SOLD The last one for sale is a soprano Firefly banjo ukulele. I bought this new from Uke Republic a few months ago. This one has a walnut neck and is in excellent condition...I can't seen any nicks or scratches. After seeing the review on gotauke, I too like the sound best with a small micro...