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  1. bunnyf

    Soprano Fifths

    I’ve had my soprano in fifths for years GDAE. At first I used the Aquila special set but now I find I’m happiest with a nice reg fluorocarbon set and just use good quality fishing line for the high e. This is my main couch noodling instrumen. For playing out though, I’d rather grab my mandolin.
  2. bunnyf

    Soprano ukulele actual loudness?

    Break out the pick
  3. bunnyf

    Tenor Guitar

    DUD I was watching True Grit remake recently and Iris Dement covered “Leaning On the Everlasting Arms”(check it out on YouTub). It was so sweet and poignant. Perfect for slide. My kinda music.
  4. bunnyf

    Tenor Guitar

    I actually find the steel(bar) easier to use. It’s heavy and you don’t really need to press down much at all. Ya kinda just lay I it down and it does most of the work for you. You’re supposed to be very relaxed with it. I have the Dunlop “lap dawg” and I use it for both the acoustic and...
  5. bunnyf

    Tenor Guitar

    I just took a guitar I’m not playing much and put on the $5 metal nut raiser and put it in GBDGBD dobro tuning and am playing it lap style. Fun but not as easy as I hoped it would be. It led me to picking up a $200 Recording King lap steel and put it in the same tuning. The electric lap steel is...
  6. bunnyf

    How to take the next step?

    I think of learning improv as a 2 step process. 1- Learn your pentatonic scale (google “ukulele for geeks“, it has free clear diagrams). You’ll see some simple patterns that can be moved all over the neck for any key. Now try to pick out a simple familiar tune that you have in your head (not...
  7. bunnyf

    Kamaka HF-1 soprano SOLD

    Sending P:
  8. bunnyf

    Low G on soprano

    I love a low G on my soprano. I put it in years ago and never went back. I do appreciate the re-entrant sound for strumming but I absolutely prefer low g for playing melody. More notes and laid out in an orderly linear fashion. I think it would sound good on any uke but you will most likely need...
  9. bunnyf

    Oh, the soprano...

    Started on baritone, loving the guitar-like sound which suits accompanying my alto voice. Always had a little interest in the soprano for it’s size and sweet voice but use to think it too cramped. But after playing uke for awhile, I revisited the soprano and found it not so bad. Now after...
  10. bunnyf

    Recommendations for DGBE Strings for 19" scale

    I use the middle 4 strings of a classical set. I like Savarez. Low squeak, tension good and not too pricey.
  11. bunnyf

    Strings for fifth tuning

    Has anyone tried any strings for fifths tuning (on soprano) other than the one specialty set by Aquila? I love the tuning but I don’t like the tone. Are there any better alternatives out there? I don’t mind if I need to hodgepodge a set together from single strings. What are you guys using?
  12. bunnyf

    Taimane spotting

    I always enjoy these playing for change videos (fav is Ripple). Just saw Taimane on this one.
  13. bunnyf

    Neck separation

    I just noticed this “crack” at the neck joint of my LoPrinzi soprano. There is a black binding around the neck joint and it appears to be separating along that binding on both the bass and treble side, starting from the back. Is this something I can re-glue myself and if so, how?
  14. bunnyf

    Hankrin' for a resonator?

    Anyone else out there hankrin' for resonator. I'm seriously tempted to pull the trigger on a vintage tenor resonator, round neck
  15. bunnyf

    PONO UL4-30 steel string BIG baritone/tenor guitar

    I've enjoyed this instrument but am playing a lot more mandolin and regular guitar and am most comfortable with the much closer spacing of those instruments. This instrument has the neck width and string spacings of a typical ukulele, which others may find to their liking. Anyway, it's in good...
  16. bunnyf

    fifths tuning revisited

    I’ve read previous threads on fifths tuning but wanted to check again with folks who have perhaps been using gdae on sopranos for a while now and see how you guys have been doing with the high e. I’ve got the other three strings covered. I tried the Aquila specialty set for this tuning twice...
  17. bunnyf

    Club Logos

    Another local uke group that I played with when I lived in cali. Rock N Ukes is run by fellow slo strummer who owns a vineyard and holds monthly rock themed uke jams at her wine bar right on the beach in Morro Bay. The name is also particularly cute because Morro Bay is known for the giant rock...
  18. bunnyf

    Club Logos

    Here’s one I played with when I lived in Cali. The town, San Luis Obispo, is called “SLO” by locals, hence “slo strummers”. Great group, great workshops and they sponsor some great concerts at the local college. I had the unbelievable experience of taking a workshop with James Hill when I was...
  19. bunnyf

    Club Logos

    Here’s one for a local Sarasota uke group (offshoot of TBUS). This one is very cute. Says “itchin to uke”. Makes me want to make a logo for my group.
  20. bunnyf

    Pics of your group?

    Here’s me with my group in Englewood. We get together every wed. am and play some easy songs. I call it the “”Cowboy Chord Club”.