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    Bari strings for Kala Tenor XL, 19

    I will be receiving this week the Kala Tenor XL solid mahogany including the top. I want to turn it like a baritone, low D. Since most modern baritones have 20” and longer scales. Yikes, The post I just submitted via my iPad omitted at least 8 to 10 lines except for the two above. This has...
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    FS - LOWER PRICE: Romero Creations ST CONCERT Solid spruce top: Mint Cond. $260

    Plus Shipping. Comes with Romero creations Case and black strap buttons which I had installed. Great sound and volume! Because I have been playing baritone almost exclusively, it has been played very little since I purchased it new approx One year ago. See initial Ad on 10/14/20. More photos...
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    Romero ST Concert solid Spruce top Uke

    In new condition. These are out of production and a hard to fine! They have the Length of soprano, Body of a tenor and the Scale of a concert. Solid spruce top with laminate mahogany body. Romero creations Case and strings with low G are included. I’m selling it because I almost exclusively play...
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    Jumbo Tenor (17” scale) tuned DGBE: Closest to a Guitar Sound?

    Either high D or low d. This is an off-shoot of my earlier post: “Tenor tuned DGBE with large body: Closest to a guitar sound?” And is also high subjective. But this post is specific to the following Tenors (most if not all of which come tuned gcea): Ohana BKT-70G, Mahogany or Acacia body...
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    Tenor scale Uke with large body tuned DGBE: Closest to a ‘guitar sound’?

    Of course, suggestions will be subjective but feedback might be helpful. I’ve tried a guitar but besides not wanting to deal with two more strings, the necks are too wide for my somewhat small, very old hands. Extreme opposite: Tenor guitars have the strings too close together because of their...
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    Romeo creations ST Concert - Spruce Top: First Impressions & Question

    One of the few for sale online arrived Thursday. What everyone has been saying is true: its sound is as beautiful as it looks! Everything about it, from the finish to the tuners, seems to be perfect. And I love its full, rich sound which seems louder than what other concerts I have played...
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    WBT: Tenor scale on Baritone body: Ohana BKT-70G etc.

    Searching for a tenor scale on a large body like the Ohana BKT-70G or Romero creations Grand Tenor or any similar custom made Uke. Though I prefer one that is already Baritone-tuned, I will consider one that still has the standard tuning of a Tenor.
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    FAVILLA 1964 Baritone with Case REDUCED!

    Reduced to $395 + Shipping (from AZ) For info and more photos, see Post on 1/27/19.
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    FS: 1964 FAVILLA B-2 BARITONE update

    SOLD via ebay
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    FS: Favilla B-2 Baritone Vintage w/original case

    1964 according to Tom Favilla! Very Good condition for vintage. Solid Mahogany, original finish: No dings or repaired cracks. There are some small scratches and very slight crazing. Brazilian rosewood fretboard (per Tom Favilla) in excellent condition with no noticeable wear and the working...
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    Kala CONCERT TRAVEL Spalted Maple w/Spruce top, Cutaway with Gig Bag

    This thinline uke produces a rich, very full sound which is surprising for its compact size.Spalted Maple body with Solid Spruce top. Strung with new strings, including low G. It’s in perfect condition except for a very small surface nick (on the ‘binding”?0. It’s so small, it’s hard to find...
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    Kala CONCERT TRAVEL Spalted Maple, Spruce top with Cutaway FS

    Kala KA-SSTU-SMC-C travel Concert with spalted Maple body and SOLID spruce top with Cutaway: SUPERB Condition! This thinline uke produces a full, rich and surprisingly loud sound for its compact size. Strung with new strings (incl. low G). I’m just not playing it because a baritone is my primary...
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    Oscar Schmidt OU5 KOA Concert ukulele w/ Strap buttons and Strap

    Like New! Not playing it because of the other ukuleles I'm playing especially my Koaloha Suprano. New Living Waters' strings. KOA laminate. Full, rich sound with good sustain Photos send via my email: $119.00 OBO plus shipping.
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    FS: Magic Fluke BANJO UKE Concert Maple

    Like New (NO scratches, niches etc.) -- only played a few times! Selling because I prefer the sweet sound of a regular Uke. Very light, so much so you don't need a strap. All Maple including Fretboard. Grover B2 tuners $169 or BO, plus shipping (from Albuquerque) Tried uploading photos...