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  1. UkeCan1

    Season 498: We Will Mend It

    A Much Better View of the Moon - George Wurzbach & Karen Taylor Good / Modern Man / The Kingston Trio Here's some humble advice on how to upgrade your life, from one of my favorite New Jersey songwriter friends, George Wurzbach of Modern Man, with Karen Taylor Good. If you've heard it before...
  2. UkeCan1

    SOTU 349: HALLOWEEN SONGS - ddanner

    "Monsters in Your Head" - by me Oh, Dennis - I'm so glad this is the theme this week! I put my name in some time ago to perform in the Folk Project's Halloween show this evening. I wasn't finding myself inspired by any particular cover song, so I wrote one. It's about monsters. The scariest...
  3. UkeCan1

    Season 2-0-2 ... Two by Two ... Duos and the Number 2

    It is Season TWO-oh-TWO ... brought to you by Uke On! duo and The Number 2! So of course our theme is called "2 by 2", and is all about duos and the number 2! There are TWO requirements for each video you submit. 1) It must be made by a duo (you and somebody who is not you). 2) It must...
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    Can You Color Clear Ukulele Strings?

    Okay, so here's a crazy question ... forgive me if it's been asked before (I googled, but couldn't find anything), or if it's completely wacko. I regularly recommend to new players that they immediately upgrade their new uke to fluorocarbon strings (PLEASE don't tell me why I shouldn't...
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    Healing Songs for Rex

    Our dear friend Rex (Jazzbanjorex) has been going through a healing challenge. I'll include some of the details below, in his own words, which he posted on a Facebook page he created to keep interested supporters informed. (If you'd like to be one of them and are not yet a member of that...
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    Seson 192 Video Games Killed the Radio Star

    That is really cute!
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    Season 193: Harry’s Halloween Hootenanny!

    Dan (Bonesoup) asked me if there will be video from Friday night's live performance of "The Purple People Eater". Yes, I do believe there will, though I will have to hand my camera to someone to get it posted this week ... I don't expect to get the "official" one till after the Season ends...
  8. UkeCan1

    Well Wishes (and Songs) for Tommy

    Tommy (IamNoMan) called me just now to ask that I let you all know, on Saturday, while away at the Philly Folk Fest weekend getaway, he fell and broke his hip and femur. He's in good spirits and is doing well ... and is in Elmer, NJ ... several hours from home. Tomorrow (Tuesday) he goes in...
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    Seasonistas Perform Live

    I know there are many of us who, bolstered by the confidence we've gained from making videos for our Seasons fellows, have occasionally ventured out into the world of performing live directly in front of actual, real live real-time human beings. I've grown quite fond of this mode of expression...
  10. UkeCan1

    Free Video Editing Software for PC (PowerDirector 12 LE) - today only

    I just came across this by accident while downloading something else ... it is free for the next 12 hours - from a site that offers daily software giveaways. Today's just happened to be video editing software, which I happened to be about to investigate anyway! It's CyberLink PowerDirector 12...
  11. UkeCan1

    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day to all the dads and kids of dads out there! I just re-recorded my dad song for Father's Day. I know when I first recorded this, for Season 100, tributes to loved ones who'd died, that there were at least three or four other Seasonistas who also posted original "dad songs"...
  12. UkeCan1

    Who's Going to UWC VII? - Seasonistas at UWC

    The Ukulele World Congress is coming soon to a field near you! (Or perhaps far from you (Indiana) ... but so worth the trip.) I went last year - it was amazing - this year I am going for an entire week. 500+ ukulele players gathered in a field playing ukuleles together, from all over the...
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    season 170 - a song for europe

    Corn and cheese is manna from heaven - ask any festival goer in the northeast US. This would be the perfect food to nosh on while watching the Eurovision show during the middle of the afternoon this week. Ha! She got you on all three counts! Really? It doesn't tear your face to shreds...
  14. UkeCan1

    Season 159 - Cover My Friends

    Welcome to Season 159, where we are having a big getting-to-know-you party! One of my very favorite things to do in life is to bring people I love together to meet each other and/or discover great music and other things I think they would love. It has been my joy and privilege to be a part...
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    Whinges About the Web

    Happy New Year! (Oh, yeah ... that reminds me....)
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    Whinges About the Web

    Today's US YouTube bell: Happy Super Bowl Day, fellow Seasonistas! May your team bring home the glory. (Unless it isn't my team.)
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    What the Seasons of the Ukulele has Done for Me

    I'm inspired by some recent posts in various Seasons threads about the profound difference that Seasons participation has made for many of us. I'd love to gather everybody's stories together in one place, so we can all be uplifted by each others' experience. So ... what difference has your...
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    Season 150 - New Year, New Jersey!

    Happy New Year, friends! Here is your invitation to our 2015 Seasons New Year party ... here in the great state of New Jersey! Our theme this week is my beloved home state of New Jersey. Bring us a song about and/or mentioning New Jersey, and/or a person, place, or thing associated with...
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    $10 Cartoon Character Ukes at Walmart - get them today or take a chance this weekend

    You beat me to the pics ... I took some right after I posted, but then got called away. Kelly (Ohmless / BuddyJesusSmokes) was the first to point out the triangle thingy ... before you even had your Walmart ukes ... in his first video. I also mentioned it in my subsequent video. I can't...
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    Whinges About the Web

    Let's see if this works: