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  1. hendulele

    NUD: Martin 0XK concert

    The 0XK concert is laminate koa, friction tuners, comes with Martin padded gig bag. Strap button added. Arrived yesterday from Mim, less than 72 hours after ordering! She's the best. It's for gigging and keeping beside my sofa. No need to keep in a humidified case during the winter, unlike my...
  2. hendulele

    Anyone tried the Martin HPL concerts?

    Hi all, Looking for a new gigging uke and wonder if anyone has taken one of the OXK concerts for a test spin yet. I liked the soprano 0XKs. Rehomed mine to finance another acquisition. Any thoughts about the concerts?
  3. hendulele

    Season of the Ukulele 489: SCAT!!!

    [ Hello, happy people! This week, bring us songs with nonsense words in the title, lyrics, bridge, whatever. We're talking: dialect doggerel onomatopoeia authentic frontier gibberish Anything you're unlikely to find in a reputable abridged dictionary. RULES :rulez: 1) video should be...
  4. hendulele

    Thinning and consolidating

    A question for the table, friends -- We're downsizing and I'm going to thin the herd from the current 12 to maybe six. But I also want to add a contemporary (not vintage) soprano to the flock. Could be new or second-hand. Preferably in the $500-$700 range. I adore the classic Martin shape...
  5. hendulele

    VNUD: 1950s Harmony Roy Smeck soprano

    Hi folks, I couldn't resist this, especially after seeing Sheryl Crow play one of what looks like the laminate '50s or '60s Harmonys in her present to Ringo Starr for his 80th birthday. The price was right on eBay, though I knew it had at least one problem (cracked) tuning peg, C string. (The...
  6. hendulele

    My mysterious vintage ukulele (What is it?)

    I found this lovely soprano on eBay several months ago, advertised as a 1920s Gibson. The price was right, considering condition, and I bought it. I haven't regretted it for a minute. It's an amazing player even with the obvious issues (dings, a chip of the surface missing at the larger part of...
  7. hendulele

    VNUD: 1920s Gibson Style 1

    Just bought this gem on eBay! A beautiful late '20s Gibson Style 1 relabeled and sold by Black, Derges & Marshall, a music store in Peoria, Illinois. The Gibson decal on the headstock was covered by a plate with the store's name (as many retailers did at the time with Gibsons, Regals, and...
  8. hendulele

    Season 411: Missed Opportunities, Second Chances, and Do-Overs

    Hi everyone! As you may know, a couple of weeks ago I had a nasty spill. Fractured a couple of ribs and my shoulder. The healing proceeds, BUT among the consequences of my fall: It ruined a lot of plans we had for our extended holiday break. So I'm trying to make the proverbial lemonade...
  9. hendulele

    N(FM)UD: Enya Nova U light blue!

    Folks, This is a gem. I posted a thread asking about possible car ukes, and jer (who commented several times) made his available at a very generous sale point. It arrived yesterday! The pastel blue was a bit stunning at first, but it grew on me very quickly. It's very sturdy, comfortable to...
  10. hendulele

    Car uke: Outdoor, Enya, or (shudder) Waterman?

    Greetings, Seeking as close to a quality all-weather uke as you can find for a reasonable price. (Sorry, Blackbird.) It must be soprano or concert scale. I can’t play tenor (or Klos would be an option.) I’ve played the Waterman soprano and hated it. The action, intonation, sound. The concert...
  11. hendulele

    Overcoming low action on a uke that's designed that way

    Awhile back, I picked up a pre-owned Famous by Kiwaya FS-1 at a very good price. It is as advertised: light, resonant, a delight to play. And since it's laminate, I can keep it out year-round and not have to put it in a humidified case during the winter. The past couple of months, it's not...
  12. hendulele

    Season of the Ukulele 387: Shapes of Things

    Hi Seasonistas! In this season, you have choices: Bring up to 4 songs. Your options are 1) using a non-standard ukulele. No double-bouts. So ... banjoleles, Fleas, Flukes, boat-paddle shapes, cigar boxes, be creative! (Trent and lynda, I have high expectations!) 2) performing a song with a...
  13. hendulele

    VNUD: Lyon & Healy 'Mauna Loa' soprano

    Hi folks! Just picked up (on eBay) this Mauna Loa soprano from Lyon & Healy. For about $80. It's no 'newer' than 1927, but could be from 1925. It's in remarkably good shape but still needs some work. The finish is great. The frets are a bit rough and a couple may be popping up. There are a...
  14. hendulele

    NU(FM)D: Ohana SK-28

    Hi folks, I just bought this on the Marketplace from Swamp Yankee (Brian). Great transaction, terrific uke! UU is DA BOMB
  15. hendulele

    Season 369: My Old School Daze .. PLUS

    Welcome to Season 369 of the Ukulele! The theme: A few weeks from now I’ll celebrate the 40th anniversary of my graduation from the University of North Carolina. So the theme this week: My Old School Daze. I want to hear songs from the years I was in college: 1975 – 1979. Any song written or...
  16. hendulele

    FS: Islander by Kanile'a MAT-4 spalted maple tenor

    Hi folks, I bought this beauty about three years ago and it has always brought a smile to my face. When I was sampling higher-level laminates at the N.C. Ukulele Academy (where purchased), this one not only had the most stunning looks but also the richest sound and projection. But it poses the...
  17. hendulele

    NU(TM)D: Famous by Kiwaya FS-1

    Purchased from Ed (EDW) here on the Marketplace, this is exactly what I was hoping for. Beauty in its simplicity, great playing, and with friction tuners (which aren't available on all of these). I've owned a Martin OXK, and this feels like it's half the weight of the Martin. Plus, the neck...
  18. hendulele

    FS: Fluke concert natural with upgraded tuners!

    Folks, Still raising money to buy PA equipment for our uke jam group and I'm putting the Fluke on the market. It's a Fluke in excellent condition ... what can I say? Natural top, standard plastic fretboard. Plays like a charm, durable as an Arctic Circle day is long, and with a nice upgrade I...
  19. hendulele

    Decent, inexpensive mic for small group

    Our little 10-15 player jam group is playing a couple times a month at bars or street fairs where we have to provide our own amplification. We don’t need much, but we need to be able to project above the ambient conversation. We sit in a semi-circle and our bass player has a portable amp. I...
  20. hendulele

    FS: KoAlana concert and/or Kala Ebony soprano! Beautiful sounds and looks!

    Folks, I want to raise some cash to help buy some PA equipment for our uke jam, which (to my amazement!) is getting more and more requests to perform in public places. So I'm putting a couple of my treasured, stellar condition, but lesser-played ukes on the Marketplace. Exhibit One is a...