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  1. Gary Gill

    FS: Gary Gill Tenor Resonator #62

    I stopped building ukuleles in the summer of 2016 due to arthritis problems. For the last few months I have developed more finger problems and have quit playing. As such, I am offering this Gary Gill Tenor Resonator #62 for sale with a Crossrock case. The body is mahogany. The neck is mahogany...
  2. Gary Gill

    Gary Gill Standard Shape Tenor Resonator

    FS:Gary Gill Standard Shape Tenor Resonator Withdrawn, thank you.
  3. Gary Gill

    Solid body tenor ukulele

    Withdrawn This ukulele has been withdrawn.
  4. Gary Gill

    Is there a tool, jig, or fixture you need but isn't available for sale?

    As I wind down my ukulele building adventures, I am looking to develop a product that I can make using metal working equipment. I am not looking to re-design and build something that StewMac, LMI, or others currently offer. Is there a tool, jig, or fixture you need but isn't available for...
  5. Gary Gill

    The thrill is gone - Gary Gill Ukuleles

    I have a turned a great hobby of building ukuleles into a regular job. Thanks to the great effort of Mim's Ukes, my ukuleles have gained popularity beyond my expectations. Working from home in a two car garage has its limitations. Maintaining reasonable temperature and humidity is a constant...
  6. Gary Gill

    My version of the Doolin style bender

    This is my take on the Doolin style bender. My reasoning for making this style is the sides can be cut to exact length and indexed at the tail end. I bought a heat blanket and controller from LMI and it works great. Thus far, I have bent six sets of sides, linings, and binding strips. The...
  7. Gary Gill

    Just want to say thank you for sharing here.

    I have learned much here and will continue to do so. Many thanks to Chuck, Beau, Pete, Allen, Timbuck and so many others who have shared their knowledge and experience. You have set a goal of excellence and quality that I dream of achieving. And I certainly appreciate the forum and the...
  8. Gary Gill

    Need suggestions how to repair binding channel tearout, please

    Crisis or opportunity? I was climb cutting with the router and tore out the grain. The body is primavera and the binding will be walnut. I looked for the pieces, but haven't found them yet. What might you suggest to repair or disguise this problem? Thanks
  9. Gary Gill

    This is how I profile ukulele sides and then bend them.

    These videos show how I profile ukulele sides and then bend them with something similar to a Doolin style bender and a household iron. It is time I switched to a heating blanket method. Please watch and offer positive feedback. Thanks Side profiling Bending Update: I made a new side bender...
  10. Gary Gill

    My first pear shape tenor resophonic ukulele

    I wanted my own resophonic and made this to cure my UAS. This is PT-33, an experiment with a side sound port. It seems to be worthwhile. The materials are walnut and primavera. I bought the cone and cover from Uke Republic. I plan to bring it to UWC and let others play it to provide me with...
  11. Gary Gill

    Seeking advice on resonator body construction

    After having read nearly every thread here on resonator ukuleles, I am read to begin to build one of my pear shape tenors and add a resonator. 1) Would it beneficial to laminate the back with three pieces crossing the grain using the radius dish in the process? 2) Should the sides be stiffened...
  12. Gary Gill

    Primavera and walnut pear shape tenor

    Here are are photos of a primavera and walnut pear shape tenor. The primavera was a veneer mill backing board 9/16" thick, hence the lamination of the neck. I used a light stain and wipe on poly finish.
  13. Gary Gill

    Has anyone built a resophonic uke with a side soundport?

    Are sound holes on the front needed?
  14. Gary Gill

    RIP David S. Gill

    My uncle, David S. Gill passed away early this morning. He was 73 years old. He had been in poor health for a few years. He built approximately two hundred ukuleles. In his life he did much for many people and made a positive impact on those who knew him. I personally have to thank him for...
  15. Gary Gill

    My latest pear shape tenors

    I just completed these three pear shape tenors. Numbers 20, 21, and 22. I have much to learn about building. Still a little apprehensive about building with expensive tonewoods. Certainly need to improve my photography skills and resources.
  16. Gary Gill

    Need help determining the name of this cowboy song

    When I was a boy, my dad sang me these words. Anyone know the name of this song? Of all the things I’d like to be, but more than all the rest. I’d like to be a cowboy up on a range out west. With boots and spurs and lariats ???? chaps and all the rest I’d mount my horse and ride away, over the...
  17. Gary Gill

    Tenors with art-deco look

    Here are front yard photos of my latest pear shape tenors.
  18. Gary Gill

    Do you use software to track your instrument builds?

    At only twenty builds under my belt, I can't remember what wood I used on which ukulele. I would like to find a relational database that I could create a form to record various information and maybe a couple of photos of the ukuleles. Any suggestions? Thanks
  19. Gary Gill

    Soundboard Rosettes - Should I add thin black rings?

    I intended to add a 1/32" wide black ring inside and out to all three soundboards. Maybe the walnut / maple combo is the only one that needs rings?
  20. Gary Gill

    My take on a binding router setup

    I searched the 'net and saw various ways to cut channels for binding and this is my version. I used a guide from my old Rockwell router base and it works as long as I keep the body in the same relative position. I will probably invest in a bit and several bearings soon enough. I had some...