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  1. actadh

    Setup...Is it really worth it?

    I just bought an Ohana sopranissimo from Mike at Uke Republic, and appreciated the set up he did. Plays great. That is the only way I would buy something that tiny.
  2. actadh

    Shima Soprano Original Custom Strings Question

    My Shima has Worth Browns on it. I will probably go with Living Waters next.
  3. actadh

    WTB Ohana Sopranissimo

    I ordered an Ohana blue willow sopranissimo from Mike at Uke Republic two days ago. Wanted to shop at a small business, and Mike has been my go-to for Living Water strings. He only had one blue, and Mim did not show any, so I am glad I got this one. The blue matches my first ever new car, and...
  4. actadh


    It was the two of us as well. My husband wanted to do the cooking (he is normally the cook in the household), and it was a little too much for him this year with his health issues, so I finished the prep. Your "heat and serve" sounds like a good idea. Most of the grandkids were with their other...
  5. actadh

    Does anyone recognize this no-name uke?

    Here is my Vega Baritone. It was described as a Bobby Henshaw model.
  6. actadh

    The NEW KoAlohas

    Same with my sapele Opio soprano :)
  7. actadh

    (Take Me Home) Country Roads - ukulele cover

    Take it from a West Virginian - that was really a nice rendition!
  8. actadh


    Welcome to the forums. That is certainly an awesome ukulele.
  9. actadh

    Ukulele Porn (post your uke pics here...)

    I also have a Shima bought here on the Marketplace. It came with Worth Browns and I have it tuned down to F Bb D G
  10. actadh

    Sad, Melancholy, Gloomy Ukulele Playing?

    Most of the songs I play are slower introspective ones.
  11. actadh

    New Member

    Welcome! Glad you joined. Ukuleles can be wonderful little wooden instruments, and maybe you can build some as well as play them.
  12. actadh

    Good Uke options for playing classical fingerpicking

    I have both the Shima longneck soprano and the Martin OXK with Martin strings. See if you can try one of them to compare with the Shima for playing up the neck.
  13. actadh

    Light tension strings for vintage/antique Ukes?

    I use Living Waters or D'Addario Titanium on my vintage sopranos.
  14. actadh

    Online education degree - what do you think of it?

    I am a community college professor and have been teaching online for twenty years. Most institutions use a platform that is user friendly - my classes are in Canvas. I teach communication classes and our online classes have the same standards as the face to face classes. We use Quality...
  15. actadh

    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    I take my Outdoor tenor and Enya Nova U concert with me when I camp. Wood smoke, bug spray, sticky s'mores - no problem. I also have taken then with me on the trails in my SXS. The amount of dust is incredible at times, and they are constantly jostled. I don't worry about the ukes at all.
  16. actadh

    Its a NUD with Brüko

    Very nice! I have two - an older maple soprano and a newer walnut soprano.
  17. actadh

    Mahogany Opio ukes

    Mine is a 2014 sapele Opio soprano. If that is a 2015, it is probably sapele as well. Mine says KoAloha on the bridge .
  18. actadh

    A Ukulele Made from Grass

    I have the Kala bamboo soprano. It was my travel uke this summer. Did well in the cab of the pickup and was nice to play while camping. I originally did not like the Aquila strings it came with, but once they settled in, they were fine. I camp with bamboo plates and utensils.
  19. actadh

    Hello, everyone. Nice to meet you.

    Hi Voran - nice to meet you. The ukulele helped many during the pandemic, and I am glad it gave you something to do during it. Thanks for sharing your video.
  20. actadh

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the forums. Hope to learn more about you and your ukulele(s).