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  1. RawrGazzawrs

    Humidify Wood?

    So is it really necessary to humidify wood while building? especially if this will be over the course of maybe 2-4 weeks? (I won't have so much time in a workshop). How would you do it when the pieces aren't even cut or bent yet? I read that you have to keep the wood flattened by sandwiching it...
  2. RawrGazzawrs

    Which glue to use?

    What glue should I use for bookmatching 2 panels together? or really, what glue should i use for making a ukulele? Also, I have a really strong adhesive spray available to use. Would that be okay?
  3. RawrGazzawrs

    bending sides

    What is the easiest way to bend the sides for an ukulele?
  4. RawrGazzawrs

    Is there an ukulele luthier in Vegas?

    If there is I'd like help on building an ukulele. Right now I have big project coming up for school and I'd like to build an ukulele. I can probably get the body done on my own, its just the neck, nut, and bridge set up so its playable.
  5. RawrGazzawrs

    What is laminated wood exactly?

    I know its plywood, but what kind of wood exactly? For example, is a mahogany ukulele made from mahogany plywood? Or is it made from any random wood? Also if you could find a a .org or .gov or even a .ca website to site this information from that'd be helpful. I'm writing a research paper on...
  6. RawrGazzawrs

    Another string question

    What difference does tension make other than the thickness and feel of the string? I've had the same medium tension worth browns on my ukulele and I'm in need of new ones. But I saw the other tensions and started wondering what difference does tension really make. Another question while im...
  7. RawrGazzawrs

    Crosscurrent, Aldrine's cover

    I wanted to go back to the song crosscurrent, and see if I could work in some variations. I saw Aldrine's performance and was amazed how he had made this song sound completely different. So I wanted to post this thread to see if anyone could help tab his performance. Thanks :3...
  8. RawrGazzawrs


    So I've recently been getting into improvisation recently and was hoping to hear some tips from people on the forums. I've been messing around the tune of Me & Shirley T by Jake Shimabukuro mostly, but I wanna get better. So any tips? :)
  9. RawrGazzawrs

    Fremont Blacklines or Worth Browns?

    I'm familiar with worth browns but not fremont blacklines.. has anyone tried both and can post a comparison? I'd like to get both and see myself but I'd like to know if there are any big differences in their sound.
  10. RawrGazzawrs

    Am I the only young one here?

    haha, so theres a lack of entries in the HKM Spring Battle contest for High Schoolers... I mean I kinda expected more teens (and kids too) to stumble upon this forum since Jake Shimabukuro has inspired a couple people at my school..
  11. RawrGazzawrs

    Ice Cream by Aldrine Guerrero chords?

    I just found out that the catchy picking ive been playing forever was from Aldrine's song Ice Cream. And now i desire chords. help?
  12. RawrGazzawrs

    Got my Ohana TK-WG50 from Ohana!

    not gonna make this a super long review, but hope this short review will give you an idea of what it sounds like. :3 Solid Cedar Top Willow back/sides Gloss Finish 19 frets Closed Gear Tuners This ukulele is what many have said about their cedar tops: Loud and Resonant, and theres no doubt...
  13. RawrGazzawrs

    made my nut a little too thick

    I got some Koolao golds and tried thickening the nut with a small nail file. I tried too hard and its a tiny bit too thick and theres a part at the bottom that is uneven too... is it okay if the nut is a little thick? because part of my buzzing problem seems to come from the uneven bottom of the...
  14. RawrGazzawrs

    thickness of the strings question...

    I was looking at the d addario strings and noticed they seem really thick compared to worths. the J54's A string is as thick as my medium tension worth brown's C string. How does the thickness of the string affect playability if at all?
  15. RawrGazzawrs

    are there bad hardcases???

    Im looking for a tenor hardcase and I just had a thought while looking for some online, are there bad hardcases? because I saw some that are over 100 dollars that just look a little more durable than the ones i saw for around 70 or 80. well can anyone suggest a good hardcase around 70 or 80...
  16. RawrGazzawrs

    Gently Weeps full step down

    Luna Tattoo Concert with Worth Brown strings
  17. RawrGazzawrs

    strings for a cedar top? (ohana)

    So I ordered an Ohana TK-50WG. the solid cedar top with laminate willow b/s. can anyone suggest strings for a mellow tone but not muddy? I have worth browns on my luna which sound great fingerpicking but dont really sound so nice when I strum in between. im guessing thats what people mean by...
  18. RawrGazzawrs

    D'Addarios! what do they sound like?

    so yea.. how do D'addarios sound like compared to worths or aquilas? i know that there are different kinds like J53 and Pro Arte so if you've tried any of them please tell me which kind you used :)
  19. RawrGazzawrs

    ukulele pickup installation in las vegas? (move thread if needed O.o)

    so i live in vegas and i want to get a mi-si pickup installed into an ukulele. anyone from vegas know where i can get it installed?
  20. RawrGazzawrs

    ohana tk-35g compared to ohana tk-50mg

    tk-35g is the glossy full mahogany uke and the 50mg is the glossy cedar top with laminate flamed mahogany b/s im wondering about the tone of the 50mg. mahogany is supposed to be really mellow so i was wondering about the tone of solid cedar with mahogany b/s. i also forgot, how does the 50g...