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  1. Captain_Lovehandles

    Kamaka Pineapple 1973 FS

    Update: Sale pending. Before I go to ebay with my Kamaka, I'm offering it discounted to the UU family. It's a sweet little uke with a great hard case. Currently strung with Fremont strings. More photos below. ISSUES with this uke: When I bought it there were a few fine cracks which I'll...
  2. Captain_Lovehandles

    A fun song about the 1928-29 flu epidemic

    Elder Curry, 1930. Though Eugene and I know the Felice Bros. version better.
  3. Captain_Lovehandles

    Eugene Ukulele - 3 CDs with Cap Art!

    YOUGOTTABEKIDDINME! Three great albums by Eugene Ukulele, EACH with cover art by Captain Lovehandles? Get 'em here.
  4. Captain_Lovehandles

    UKULELE PLAYERS ... WORLD SUCK shirts now available

    Hiya! Mainland Mike emailed me t'other day and asked me to put the Ukulele Players United To Decrease World Suck logo up on some merch at my CafePress Store. He wanted to do this print on demand option rather than get a bunch printed and have the hassle of dealing with sizes, etc. You can find...
  5. Captain_Lovehandles

    I Defaced My Favorite Mainland

    Actually I may have de-backed it. It's a tribute to Woody Guthrie and the Buchannan Bros.
  6. Captain_Lovehandles

    My new painted BACON uke

    This is something I started a while back and just got around to finishing. Thanks to Uke Republic for donating the Dolphin just so I could have some fun with it. And DeG, whose idea it was to put an egg inside. More pix at my tumblr (also at Captain Lovehandles on facebook): Bacon uke on tumblr
  7. Captain_Lovehandles

    Fooled Around & Fell In Love

    I did this song at the UWC open mic, but I didn't like the video from my camera, so I made a new one. Thanks for watching.
  8. Captain_Lovehandles

    UWC T-shirts at Cafe Press

    Hello, gang. Per Hoosier Hiver's request, I have put the tshirts for UWC / V up at CafePress. If you missed out, they are there, with more color options. ji Capt. Lovehandles T-shirts
  9. Captain_Lovehandles

    UWC Random Moments Video

    Here's a video from random clips I had on my flip cam. Electrauke and HoosierHiver draw names. Bhatman and Old Phart win prizes, Ronin plays toy piano with Tim, Girls play with sparklers, the marshmallow toasting club of Kansas City, Flea Bitten Dawgs....
  10. Captain_Lovehandles

    Excited About Illustrating Eugene's CD Covers

    Fellow Eugene Ukulele fans, I have been given the extreme honor of illustrating a couple of CD covers for our favorite Tasmanian. I don't think he will mind that I bring it up in advance. What if we make it a bit of a class project? I can post ideas and prelims as I come up with them and get...
  11. Captain_Lovehandles

    UWC 2011 & 2012 T-shirts

    Not asking you to buy anything, but Mainland Mike told me a while back that I should put the UWC shirts from the last two years up on CafePress so that anyone who missed out or had worn theirs out could get one. So I did. These have the minimum markup. Not trying to make any dough off of them...
  12. Captain_Lovehandles

    ¡Lucha, Santo! - Original with artwork

    Hope you enjoy...
  13. Captain_Lovehandles

    Partridge Family Medley

    erivel did a splendid version of the P-Fam theme a few months ago. I threw this together for an open mic the SE Ukers had on Friday. I try not to make long videos since I see from Analytics that the average viewer lasts only a little over a minute. I tried to make it short as possible. Hope you...
  14. Captain_Lovehandles

    Super Chicken Theme with Terry Wajda's Jacket

    Terry sent his infamous Ukulele Players Jacket (it has its own facebook page) for the Southeast Ukers to enjoy at tonight's open mic. Here it is being stoooopid.
  15. Captain_Lovehandles

    Original: Ukulele Kinda Guy - Part 1

    I called it Part 1 because it's a small checklist of what it takes to be a uke guy. There could be 100 more verses. Feel free to make your own and post as a video reply. Or suggest things here and I might use them in part 2, etc. It's all G, C, D, D7 stuff. Recorded at Uke Republic with Sailor...
  16. Captain_Lovehandles

    Sweet Taters & Possum Meat

    A song by Troyce Key and JJ Malone from their awesome album "I've Got A New Car"
  17. Captain_Lovehandles

    What's your gripe against Sailor Jim?

    Another thread made me think of this. Extra points for using hep lingo. Here's mine: I hate when I jam with Sailor Jim, how he gets all up in my business. I think he's trying to creep my monster licks.
  18. Captain_Lovehandles

    When You See Those Flying Saucers

    Originally recorded in 1947 by the Buchanan Bros. Special celebrity guest saw player! That's my buddy Steve as the MIB.
  19. Captain_Lovehandles

    My 2nd Favorite Train Song

    Sheldon: I always tell people, if you have only one day in (Atlanta), make it a train day. Enjoy!