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  1. sam13

    WTB: Kamaka HP 1L Long neck Pineapple Soprano

    Hello All, I am looking to buy a Kamaka Long neck Pineapple Soprano. If you have one that isn't getting all the love it deserves and you are considering you might sell it. Please let me know. Cheers.
  2. sam13

    New Build in Progress: Kimo Ukuleles

    Hello Everyone, I hope you are well, and enjoying your Ukulele or family of Ukuleles. A few years back, I had a Spruce top tenor and sold it as I really loved the sound and wanted to get ready to buy something used that someone else might be selling. Well, it didn't happen for whatever...
  3. sam13

    WTB: HP1L Kamaka Longneck Pineapple

    Happy New Year all, Looking to see if anyone is looking to sell off an HP1L Kamaka Longneck Pineapple ... Let me know if you have one to move and how much you would like ... Cheers. sam13
  4. sam13

    WTB: Spruce Top Tenor - Higher End

    Hello gang, Hope your summer is enjoyable. I am looking for a used Spruce Top Tenor - higher end. I would consider: Ko'olau i'Iwi Barron River Kimo Uke Another of similar quality. Radius fretboard is a must. My arms are too gangly and fingers too long to work with a flat fretboard. Would...
  5. sam13

    WTB: PONO PRO CLASSIC Spruce or Cedar Top Tenor

    Hello All, Best of the season to you, whatever you celebrate. My Uncle (who is 78) just called me and told me that my aunt would like a Ukulele for Christmas and was looking for suggestions. He really liked the ETSH5 I have. He said it was the first time he thought of the Ukulele as an...
  6. sam13

    WTB: Spruce Top I'iwi

    Hey All, Does anyone have an I'Iwi Spruce top which isn't getting the love it should get? PM me. Cheers. sam13
  7. sam13

    Double NUD of a K Brand

    "If it's not Scottish, then its crap!" Lol My good friend Dave bought me a K brand Uke. Everyone should be so lucky. My Korala came with cheap plastic strings do I put high quality Aquila on it and you know ... it sounds pretty good for a 100% plastic Uke. I leave it out where my kids pick...
  8. sam13

    WTB: Spruce Top Tenor Ko'olau

    Hello All, Still looking for a quality Spruce Top Tenor and would be interested in buying s Spruce Top Ko'olau. Must have radius. Thanks.
  9. sam13

    WTB: Tenor I'iwi or Kinnard Spruce Top

    Hey All, I hope you are well. I am looking for a Tenor with radius Spruce Top I'iwi or Kinnard. I would be interested in other features if possible: Side Sound port - Kinnard Send me a PM if you have something. Cheers.
  10. sam13

    2016: What was your favourite purchase?

    Hey all, 2016 was a tough year for losing talent musicians, and actors ... but as it turned out a great year to buy a few Ukes. What was your favourite Ukulele purchase? Regardless of price, what did you get and were thrilled with. I was fortunate enough that my Uke fund had funds and was...
  11. sam13

    WTB: Used Concert or Tenor Ukulele in great condition for a beginner

    Hello All, I was visiting a friend's place last night and his 11 year old daughter told me she wants to learn to play Ukulele! What a joyous thought! So I told them buying a used Uke for the first Ukulele might be a good idea. Let me know if you have a Concert or Tenor Ukulele you would like...
  12. sam13

    PIMPING YOUR RIDE: Changing the Fretboard to a Radius. Anyone done it?

    Hey Gang, I have a Long Neck Tenor Kamaka (HF3L) strung Low G with a Thomastik-Infeld for Low G as per Chuck Moore. I love the tone. It is warm, bright and full. The finger spacing is fabulous on the fretboard. It will always remain a Low G for me. It is a tremendous sounding uke. Here is...
  13. sam13

    FS: Pono Pro Classic Tenor RTC Spruce Top with Misi and Gotoh UPT's

    THE UKE IS SOLD. THANK YOU UU. Hello All, Like many of you, I have collected a few too many Ukes which have been sitting a bit while new Ukes arrive and get more love. I have a beautiful Pono Pro Classic RTC Spruce Top for sale. It is currently strung with a wound 4th Low G, and Warm Oasis...
  14. sam13

    Fly Me to the Moon

    Hello, Here is my performance of Fly Me to the Moon using Glen Rose's arrangement found in his 1st book on his site For my wife on our recent 10th wedding anniversary. Enjoy.
  15. sam13

    Baritone Strumming

    Hello Everyone, I have started playing larger Ukes more and more and am really enjoying my RBSH C Spruce Top Pono Pro Classic as a finger style and thumb strumming / dragging Uke. I have a wound 4th on it with Clear Worth's ... it is heavenly. The tonal colour is wonderful and the sustain is...
  16. sam13

    NUD: Kamaka Love - HF 3L 100th Anniversary Edition

    Hey All, A few days ago, I received an early birthday present: HF 3L 100th anniversary Kamaka Ukulele from Andrew Kitakis at HMS. Wow. I am really impressed. Thank you Andrew for picking out a fabulous Uke for me. I have always felt secure in buying something from him sight unseen as...
  17. sam13

    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    Whatever you celebrate, whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or Festivus! I wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and may 2016 find you with more joy, love, health, happiness and wealth ... and more Ukes! From me to you: Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas...
  18. sam13

    4th Live performance

    Hello All, I don't have a lot of time as I am busy with work, and two small boys but I wanted to post my 4th live performance: I am playing a Pono Tenor Ukulele, model RTC with MISI pick up and Worth Brown Re entrant strings no wound C. Recorded on...
  19. sam13

    Black Friday Deals ... what Uke or Gear did you get?

    Hey All, I am pretty excited. With I just bought my first amp: A Fishman Loudbox Artist. Cosmo Music site. All of my Tenor and Baritone Ukes have pick ups, so it was about time. With the extra savings today, I was able to save about 22% with free shipping. Which is great pricing for...
  20. sam13

    Vintage Martin Sopranos: Let the journey begin ... and the questions/analysis

    Hi All, DownUpDave and I are checking out some Vintage Martin Sopranos and it is my first foray into them ... CoolKayaker1 has been generous with offering details, thanks Steve, however I was wondering what the rest of you Vintage Martin users have to say. Beyond the scratches, dings, cracks...