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  1. TopDog

    Chord sequences that sound like the song…

    I always play 'Ain't She Sweet' to check my tuning when I pick up a uke, and the chords I use for that are instantly recognisable as the tune!
  2. TopDog

    What is the most versatile Ukulele?

    There is an old saying about a bad workman blaming his tools? Well any ukulele is as versatile, as the player can make it. Enjoy your playing and remember to have fun! You will take from your instrument, exactly what you 'put into' it.
  3. TopDog

    Room for another newb?

    Welcome! You have a great and fun filled voyage ahead of you,enjoy every second of it!
  4. TopDog

    Wendell Hall Ukulele needs repair

    My first thought on reading the original post, was that replacing a skin and tuners is a simple job that anyone should tackle; then as DuckyI pointed out, as an heirloom, I can understand reluctance to try it. But both really are simple enough tasks, if you are unable to locate a store or local...
  5. TopDog

    Searching for Inspiration

    Welcome aboard Matey! Greetings from the Midlands area of the UK.
  6. TopDog

    Greetings from a rain swept Lancashire

    Welcome from rain swept Derbyshire!
  7. TopDog

    Hello from North West Uk!

    Hello yourself, from the East Midlands UK!
  8. TopDog

    Moving the forum today!

    Signed in a few minutes ago, and love the new look! Hope it all goes well for all of us.
  9. TopDog

    Peter Green R.I.P.

    Peter Green, the guitarist who founded Fleetwood Mac, has passed away. Over the past thirty odd years, a long running argument has taken place between my Brother In law and myself. As a blues fan who discovered Peter Green on John Mayalls 'A Hard Road' album, (and the singles around that time) I...
  10. TopDog

    Playing and Singing 'Off The Book'?

    This came up at one of our groups last meetings before Lockdown. I often start to play/sing a song from our group 'songbook' without reference to the songsheet. I know the song, I like the song and we have played it as a group, many, many times. One of our group was astounded and asked 'How did...
  11. TopDog

    Hello from a corner of a field in England.

    Hello one and all. I am Tom, and I have played for a relatively short time.