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  1. ktuurna

    I can't post using my old account

    Same problem.
  2. ktuurna

    Why (or do you) would you have non-traditional (5 or 6) stringing for your uke?

    I have custom made 5 string gypsy jazz-styled ukulele made by French luthier Maurice Dupont. I bought it 2 years ago and it is my favorite instrument. I really its rich and loud sound. I like it becouse I can play lower with low g, but it still has traditional high g ukulele sound. I really...
  3. ktuurna

    Little break makes good!

    I have been building ukuleles since 2016. Last spring I graduated as a luthier from the Ikaalinen College of Arts and Crafts. And guess what? I haven't built one since. There are a couple of reasons for that. The conditions in my workshop are a bit too humid in the summer and I wanted to take a...
  4. ktuurna

    Ukulele Porn (post your uke pics here...)

    This one of my favorite. 5-string gypsy-style ukulele, spruce and rosewood, made by french luthier Maurice Dupont.
  5. ktuurna

    Ukulele Porn (post your uke pics here...)

    I know Juha and although he had been playing it to death, he is great luthier and he sure knows how to fix it.
  6. ktuurna

    Ebony fretboards

    I have bent ebony for bindings several times. It is not so difficult.
  7. ktuurna

    What's happening in your shed?

    Today I made arm bevel. I used nice walnut burl veneer that I will use in headstock too. This needs some fine-tuning, but I'm pretty happy with it.
  8. ktuurna

    Almost scientific research, but not

    This week I take four sopranos to our luthier school and try to research their differences by metering. I have one Martin S0 from -62, one diligently played Mexican made Martin S1 from 5 years ago, one Ken Timms cuban mahogany that I bought about year and half ago. For comparison I have also 3...
  9. ktuurna

    Double back ukulele

    German master luthier Tom Ziegenspeck has developed interesting construction. "This ukulele has a double back, which creates a tonal advantage. As a master plucking instrument maker, I can confirm that, especially with ukuleles, the back is an area which very little, if not at all, resonates...
  10. ktuurna

    What's happening in your shed?

    My new experimental side soundhole design.
  11. ktuurna

    What's happening in your shed?

    Today I finished these. Next side sound hole and arm bevel.
  12. ktuurna

    New tool of the day

    I don't have too much space in my workshop. Every time when I need my go bar deck I have to lift it to a different table and run around the table while I work. Not any more!
  13. ktuurna

    What's happening in your shed?

    Today I made jig for routing side sound hole and made one.
  14. ktuurna

    What's happening in your shed?

    Top is glued.
  15. ktuurna

    Useful tools

    I made this troji. It helps when scraping and sanding sides. and I found these dentist tools from flea market. Very useful for cleaning glue etc. Mirror is handful when investigating inside instrument. I love to see how braces are made when I see new ukulele. I ordered one reasonable priced...
  16. ktuurna

    What's happening in your shed?

    Makin rosette and inlay to top of concert ukulele.
  17. ktuurna

    Fret size

    What size frets do you use in tenor ukes? I bought 3 years ago Anuenue Moon Bird tenor, and it has pretty fat braces. I like them a lot. They are very nice to play. I have use them too when I build tenors. I think I will use them in concert size too. What do you think fat frets? Yes or no and why?
  18. ktuurna

    Resonator uke

    I am building resonator uke. I have Gretsch G9112 ukulele and I open it to see how it is done. There is a cone which is probably made in China. I decided to use National's cone. I could buy Chinese, it is much cheaper, but I trust National's more. When I hold them in my hand I feel the...
  19. ktuurna

    Dust collecting system

    What is your solution for dust collecting? I ask it becouse mine is not very good or actually there is nothing but just one vacuum cleaner in my workshop. Now I am lying at hospital becouse of pneumonia. This makes me think again. I thought I will buy next new drum sander, but not any more. I...
  20. ktuurna

    Glueing braces

    I have use Titebond before, but I have heard that some builders use epoxy. I wonder why? Is it better for glueing braces?