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  1. lelouden

    SOTU 334 Songs For Lesley (barefootgypsy)

    If you've been a Seasonista for more than a few months you know by now that you quickly feel growing friendships and a sense of community. In the past, we have celebrated certain Seasonistas and its time to celebrate Lesley. Many of us know Lesley Fowkes (barefootgypsy) and know what she has...
  2. lelouden

    SOTU 313 Seventh Year Celebration

    Ok people, This is the start of the seventh year of the Seasons. It's hard to believe that it is still going and stronger than ever. We welcome new players just about every week so if your thinking about joining in, now is a good time to jump in. Over on the anticipation thread I came up with...
  3. lelouden

    SOTU 290 - Farm Aid/September

    This week will be a busy one for me. I will be traveling on Friday to Utah to take care of my grandchildren while my daughter and her husband go to Washington DC. They will meet with senators to discuss farming and agricultural issues. They are family ranchers on the Heaton Livestock Ranch...
  4. lelouden

    Season 263 Sun Record Artists

    This week is inspired by the CMTs new miniseries “Sun Records” that began airing this week. This is not a promotion to the miniseries but rather a promotion of the music. It occurred to me that I don’t know enough about the recording artists from Sun Records. That had me feeling that I...
  5. lelouden

    Season 257 The Campfire Jam

    The Campfire Jam Do you aspire to be the next ukulele dude or dudette? What songs would you choose if you were at a campfire or front porch jam? Bring me the songs that you would want others to join in and sing with you this week. The lucky winner will be drawn from the hat and there will be...
  6. lelouden

    Christmas Wishes to All

    I just wanted to post a Christmas wish here to all my very special ukulele friends here in the seasons and on UU. My hope is that we all have a very special, happy and healthy 2017 filled with joy. It is my wish that you will take a moment to spread the love at this time and also share a...
  7. lelouden

    Im Not Gonna Miss You - Glen Campbell (from the documentary I'll Be Me"

    Some of you may or may not know that we are loosing one of the most talented artist of our time to Alzheimers. Glen Campbell is in his last stage of the disease. There is a documentary of his last tour called "Ill Be Me". In it he tours with his talented family. They help him get through every...
  8. lelouden

    Season 185 - The Family Act

    The Family Act #1 Sing me songs from famous musical families that have passed down their legacy of music. A good example of this would be Carter/Cash, Hank Williams Sr., Jr., and III, The Seeger's (Charles/Pete/Mike/Peggy), Nat King and Natalie Cole even the Marley's and on and on and on. Don't...
  9. lelouden

    Black Jack Davey - White Stripes / Bob Dylan

    Black Jack Davey - White Stripes / Bob Dylan Etc. My new favorite song. Thanks for watching:)
  10. lelouden

    Button Up Your Overcoat - Coveywood Version

    Have a great day all:)
  11. lelouden

    Duct Tape - A Librainian/Lelouden Collaboration

    A fantastically fun song chosen by Librainian for the win in week 161. Duct tape is a madrigal three part humorous tune :) Enjoy!
  12. lelouden

    "Happy Together" Turtles Cover

    This was soooo much fun. Nothing like a great song!
  13. lelouden

    Tutorials, Turn Arounds, Strum Techniques etc.

    I love it when someone shares a great tutorial. There is a wealth of information we can share with each other here. It seems that during blues week we get some really great tutorials. There is definitely something inspiring about the blues, but it doesn't need to end there. I've opened this...
  14. lelouden

    SOTUDesigns Tshirts

    There was an interest for Seasonista T-shirts. I have started a page of SOTUDesigns through for this. I've started it with T-shirts only but cups, keychains etc. can be added if there is an interest for prizes or personal use. Zazzle is a world wide company. If any of you want a...
  15. lelouden

    Season 156 - Muskrat Love (gotta llove em)

    Gina your vid is set to private. You've accidentally posted it as a separate thread. I would move it over for you but as its private I can't. Try again by clicking into the 156 thread and then on "reply to thread." You can get your vid to show up by clicking on the blue film strip just above and...
  16. lelouden

    Young At Heart - Frank Sinatra / Jimmy Durante Cover

    This is a delightful and fun arrangement by Doctor Uke. You can find the link on my YT description. Great words to live by :D
  17. lelouden

    Season 155 ~ Age Is A Journey

    Season 155. Age is a Journey. When I was just a little girl I asked my mother what will I be? Will I be pretty, will I be rich?... Then when I was seventeen I learned the truth. That love was meant for beauty queens. As I grew older I realized that it's a long, long while from May to December...
  18. lelouden

    Just Another Melancholy Day - Collab with mikef

    Here is an original song that mikef wrote about a breakup and the aftermath. Its a great original. I asked him if I could add to that vid and he graciously said yes. This proved to be a really fun song for me.
  19. lelouden

    A collaboration with thepopster666- Crying in the Rain/ The Everly Brothers

    What a great experience to have a chance to do this with popster.
  20. lelouden

    Mary's Boy Child / Harry Belafonte Cover / Glockenspiel / Tenor Uke

    Hoping that everyone here at UU is having a beautiful Holiday Season:)