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  1. Dohle

    FS: Pono ABD Baritone Ukulele (Europe)

    Bump and price drop
  2. Dohle

    Avoid the Mid-Level ($300-$600) ?

    Indeed he did, and I still disagree with him. And Craig Chee, for that matter. That mid-range contains so many brands with excellent price-quality ratio that, in my opinion, it would be silly to dismiss them just because of some magical (i.e., arbitrary) "gap". In fact, I would say that the...
  3. Dohle

    NUD: custom Brüko style 2 soprano longneck

    That is stunning. I've always thought that Brüko ukuleles aren't the best for the eyes but I really like the look of that one. Definite Martin vibes. I had a standard Brüko model 6. Excellent build quality but I thought the tone was a bit too one-dimensional so I sold it. If I'm not mistaken...
  4. Dohle

    Kamehameha Ukulele?

    That uke is definitely made in the same factory as the Flight Fireball. It's identical bar the headstock. Even the side soundport is the same. I've also seen some other brands make very similar ukes to certain Flight models. Seems to be a downside of outsourcing / off-shoring. Oh well...
  5. Dohle

    String Tension Question

    Many have accurately pointed out that, yes, the string tension will be higher due to the longer scale length but that's not the whole story. The tension by itself doesn't dictate how the strings will feel. Since the length of the strings is also longer the string will feel floppier despite the...
  6. Dohle

    Shima Soprano Original Custom Strings Question

    Maybe you could try the D'Addario black nylon set for concerts, the EJ53C. That set has thinner gauges for some of the strings compared to the equivalent clear nylon set. Although, the G and E string gauges are the same so if those didn't fit from the clear nylon set then it's of no use. I...
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    Looking for a tenor under $700.00

    I'm really glad you did. You will love it.
  8. Dohle

    Martin Beck Handmade Tenor - REVIEW

    Those sneak peek photos last week were mouth-watering. I had no clue it was a Martin Beck. I've seen these pop up in World of Ukes but had no idea about the quality. I was surprised how good a score it got but I definitely get why. It takes some effort to make a plain looking spruce top look...
  9. Dohle

    Flight Antonia and DUC-525

    As much as I like Flight I have to say their model names for their less expensive models are awful. It's impossible to discern anything from those codes except maybe the scale length. I much prefer the actual names they give their models like the Victoria or, indeed, Antonia. In any case, I...
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    Recommendations for reputable online stores and brands for a newbie please!

    Don't get me wrong, I'm sure ULTP is a decent store. I mean they stock Kamaka now which is a sort of endorsement on its own. I just wanted to point out that there were a few negative experiences by a couple UU members with ULTP not that long ago. If I recall correctly, one was an issue with a...
  11. Dohle

    Kiwaya YKS-10

    I'm often quite hesitant to contact Japanese or other companies based in Asia because their English isn't always the best. Really nice to know you can get a response from Kiwaya! Cheers.
  12. Dohle

    Synergy Instruments Ukuleles -Update

    How was this a first production run or anything close to that? I know Synergy is a fairly new company but - if my research is correct here - they started delivering ukes last year already. And I definitely agree that customers in general should give smaller companies some slack, particularly...
  13. Dohle

    New uke… and a little disappointment

    Stock strings on these laminate Kiwayas can vary quite a bit, or at least they have in the past. My own KS-5 came with what looked like D'Addario Titaniums but they were clearly thinner gauge than actual Titaniums. I'm fairly certain they were actually strings from a brand called Aranjuez who...
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    New uke… and a little disappointment

    I'm not seeing a major issue with the Kanile'a. Yes, the neck is a bit off-center from the connection point of the two back pieces but it's very minor in my opinion. I had a Kanile'a concert which I've since sold but I remember very clearly that the neck was positioned almost exactly like in...
  15. Dohle

    Recommendations for reputable online stores and brands for a newbie please!

    There have been a few pretty negative threads here in the last few months that have pointed out some specific grievances with ULTP. I haven't dealt with them so I can't comment on how they operate, just wanted to point out that there are complaints.
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    New Tenor Uke

    It's a nice thought but there aren't really that many uke brands that manufacture ukes in Europe outside of individual luthiers whose ukes are obviously much more expensive than the OP's budget. Brüko is the obvious exception to that but I didn't really consider them myself at all. I think Brüko...
  17. Dohle

    The NEW KoAlohas

    I don't mind the angled tuners specifically but rather the the geared tuners in general. It completely baffles me why KoAloha has decided to use these tuners when Der Jung - the manufacturer of these new tuners - already makes their own rear-facing planetary tuners. Madness.
  18. Dohle

    Flight T-SUS Carabao Tenor - REVIEW

    Yeah, I obviously can't comment on the review model. I have to say that the strings look to me like Titaniums on the review photos, although admittedly the tint is more blue than purple. No idea why SUS would change the strings for the review model though. To be honest, I don't know why I'm...
  19. Dohle

    Mixing strings?

    Certainly not unheard of, although I think the more common reason is often that the player prefers either the tension or the tone of a particular string. I've mostly seen professional players do this. As a complete amateur, I just use the string sets I prefer the most.
  20. Dohle

    New Tenor Uke

    A couple of questions: Do you have any preferences for the tone, tonewoods or looks regarding the uke? Where specifically in Europe are you? Pono is a really good brand for a mid-tier uke and at your price point (although most of their tenors are a bit more expensive) but at least in my opinion...