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  1. Mattyukaholic

    Free beginners and intermediate uke course

    Hi everyone, Just a heads up to let you know I’ve created a website with every video in my free Beginners and Intermediate Ukulele courses written out sequentially with a description of each one. It’s taken me forever but I really hope many of you will find it a useful resource...
  2. Mattyukaholic

    Wtb: Resonator Ukulele

    Hi everyone, I I ve got a real hankering for a Reso uke. I’m looking for tenor or concert scale. Interested especially in Mya Moe or National. Would need you to post to the U.K. Whatcha got Thanks, Matt
  3. Mattyukaholic

    My new book: Jazz Standards for Ukulele - Chord Melody

    I’m excited to announce my new book 'Jazz Standards For Ukulele - Chord Melody.' 15 Jazz standards arranged in tablature and standard notation, with playing notes to help you learn, a little song history and accompanying videos free on YouTube The book is aimed at intermediate and above...
  4. Mattyukaholic

    WTB Ko’Olau tenor

    Hi, I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I really want a ko’olau tenor and wondered if anyone had one second hand before I shell out for a new one. Will consider any wood combos. Must be willing to post to the U.K. but I’ll pay for shipping and costs. Thanks, Matt
  5. Mattyukaholic

    WTB Collings tenor

    Hi guys, I’d dearly love to get hold of a Collings tenor. Preferably I’d love a mahogany UT2 but open to ideas. I’m in the UK so CITES makes it hard for me to buy from the States if it has a rosewood fretboard. Anyone in Europe have one they’re willing to sell? Thanks, Matt
  6. Mattyukaholic

    WTB: Baritone ukulele UK

    Hi guys, I’m after a used baritone ukulele to play some Lyle Ritz style jazz on. I’d like something like a used Kamaka, Kanile’a or Pono pro classic or any old interesting vintage ones you might have. Must be willing to post to the UK. Whatcha got??? Matt
  7. Mattyukaholic

    WTB Mya Moe Tenor

    Hi guys, Just missed out on that lovely Mya Moe Tenor on here and I’m really keen to get one. Whatcha got?! Will consider all woods but must be a Tenor. Must be willing to post to the UK. Thanks, Matt
  8. Mattyukaholic

    FS: Kanile'a KSE-T slothead tenor UK

    This is an as new beautiful Kanile'a KSE-T Tenor ukulele with slotted headstock and curly Koa. I bought it a few weeks ago but I've decided to commission another custom and would like to put the funds towards that! It's a great chance to get a £1500 uke with hard case (worth £50) and strap...
  9. Mattyukaholic

    Compass Rose Maple tenor sunburst UK

    Hi everyone, It's with a heavy heart I sell this beautiful Compass Rose tenor as I've not had it long. My new Hive Hornet just arrived and I can't see past playing my two Hives. My friend bought it direct from Rick Turner at NAMM a few years back but as a guitarist never played the thing. I...
  10. Mattyukaholic

    NUD! (belated) Hive Spruce and Walnut Hornet

    Hi everyone, Sam quite rightly pointed out on another thread that I have snuck a Hive into my collection without doing a NUD! Thanks Sam! :) So here it is! I've been admiring Jake Maclay's work from afar (first Compass Rose now on his own with Hive) and have been coveting a Hive Hornet for...
  11. Mattyukaholic

    FS: Kamaka HF3DC cedar tenor

    I'm selling my three very best ukuleles only because I have something special lined up! This one is a gorgeous Kamaka HF3-DC. A deluxe tenor with a cedar top and curly koa back and sides. This one is from 2014 and still has the unfilled warranty card. It has a deep rich sound, incredibly...
  12. Mattyukaholic

    FS: Pete Howlett korina tenor ukulele UK

    I'm selling some of my best ukes to fund an incoming. This one is an absolutely beautiful Pete Howlett tenor ukulele in korina wood. It is a stunning ukulele and I am only selling with the proviso that I am buying another Howlett ukulele later in the year. It has a really amazing sound - deep...
  13. Mattyukaholic

    FS: Collings UT2 mahogany tenor UK

    I'm selling my three very best ukes only to fund something big for me. This one is very very special. It is a Collings UT2 deluxe gloss tenor in solid figured mahogany. This is an early one - only serial no 442 (they're now into the thousands). It's tone is deep and open sounding with very...
  14. Mattyukaholic

    FS: Kamaka HF3D deluxe tenor UK

    Selling my deluxe HF3D tenor ukulele from Kamaka. Build date is June 2015 and the condition is truly excellent. The set up is wonderful and it plays like butter. The sound is classic Kamaka Hawaiian tenor as you would imagine. Bubbly in re-entrant or deep and lush with low G. Here's a couple of...
  15. Mattyukaholic

    Wtb: Beansprout banjo uke Mya Moe

    Title says it all really! Do any of you folks have one or sale? I don't think my patience is good enough to wait two years for one to be built. Would consider trade for my Kanile'a premium tenor KTSP or straight purchase. Must be willing to ship to the UK. Thanks heaps, Matt
  16. Mattyukaholic

    FS: Kiwaya KTC1 Concert

    Here's a Kiwaya KTC1 for sale. It is number 39. It's one of the early builds with an no logo on the headstock, an ebony saddle and nut and a sound that many say is bigger and warmer than the new ones. It is a concert size but because the fretboard ends before the soundboard the soundboard...
  17. Mattyukaholic

    FS: Kamaka HF2D deluxe concert curly koa

    Almost can't believe I'm selling this! Here's my Kamaka HF2D deluxe curly koa concert. It's a beautiful ukulele with a deep and mellow sound. I get more compliments with this than any other ukulele. The tone is warm and the wood is gorgeous. It was set up by HMS and plays lovely. It is one of...
  18. Mattyukaholic

    WTB: Ukulele Jazz by Kiyoshi Kobayashi

    Hi all, HELP! I've been trying to get hold of this book for years: Ukulele Jazz by Kiyoshi Kobayashi of Japan. It's now out of print and I can't find it anywhere. If anyone is willing to part with their copy I'd pay a decent price and shipping to the UK. (NB. Not to be confused with 'Sweet...
  19. Mattyukaholic

    FS: UK Pono Baritone Nui

    Hi guys, I'm selling an almost new Pono baritone nui. I'm in love with the sound but it's just too big for me personally. It has the most incredible sound. It as virtually as new but has a few very tiny marks from minimal play. Would post worldwide but not sure if it would work out well...
  20. Mattyukaholic

    Kamaka HF1D+ deluxe soprano & HF1P+ Pineapple

    Hi everyone, I've got my eyes on a Kamaka baritone and am considering letting go two of my other Kamakas to fund it: A Kamaka deluxe soprano HF1D+ curly koa - £800 / $950 plus postage. A Kamaka HP1+ - £550 / $700 plus postage. They're both under a year old with minimal play wear. Both have...