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  1. Pine Apple Slim

    My new uke

    Or my wife's actually, since it came from Mother in Laws house. Free. I just had to buy the new tuners and a set of strings. Old late 60s Harmony. Bakalite fretboard & frets. Almost no wear. Sounds pretty sweet!
  2. Pine Apple Slim

    Souce for Mi Si ?

    When I 1st started considering one of these, I think Elderly carried them but seems no more. All I can find on the web anywhere is their guitar pickups. Anybody know a good place to order one? Also need a cheapo gig bag and inexpensive clip on tuner, would like to get it all at same place. Thanks
  3. Pine Apple Slim

    Stripped friction tuner screw?

    Cure for this? New screw? Replacement tuner(s)? Inherited an old Harmony Soprano worth some TLC if I can get this one tuner to hold.
  4. Pine Apple Slim

    Bad usless UAS for a uBass

    And I need it like a hole in the head really. I have an upright and a slab. Havnt really played bass in a group in 2-3 yrs to speak of. I do use the upright in my acoustic duo for a set, & this would be much easier. Id want a smaller but nice amp to pair with it. My old SWR WM12 would work but...
  5. Pine Apple Slim

    Calling all N Alabama Ukers

    Hartselle, Decatur, Huntsville, Cullam, Athens, & surrounding areas. Anybody interested in maybe putting together a group, or maybe just a monthly jam session?
  6. Pine Apple Slim

    Some vids I made today

    Just goofin off & havin fun! Have fun or be annoyed....
  7. Pine Apple Slim

    CAGED System for uke?

    Asked this in another thread, but I think it deserves its own thread. Somewhere on the net, is there anyone who has broken the C reiterant neck down into a few simple moveable chord shapes/families? The same basic concept as the CAGED system for guitar? I'm in the process of working all this...
  8. Pine Apple Slim

    7 inches of snow this am in North AL

    A winter wonderland. We're all snuggled in with supplies and power. Im lovin it! I'll get to learn a few more ukulele tunes today. Beats work on any Monday!:D:cheers:
  9. Pine Apple Slim

    Some Johnny Rivers for You

  10. Pine Apple Slim

    My 1st Uke Video

    My 1st cover on my new aNueNue long Neck Soprano. Please scuse the sound quality, its a new webcam and I havnt figure out how to adj the mic sensitivity. Also please excuse the overdone song. I only heard it a couple of weeks ago, even tho the orig vid came from my hometown news! I know, I live...
  11. Pine Apple Slim

    Pickup options for aNueNue Soprano

    Its the cheaper lam mahogany one with the longer concert neck. Am familiar with all the options for acoustic guitar but not uke. Looked at the K&K big spot at Elderly, but afraid I wont like the external mount, this the body seems awful small and Im afraid of it getting in the way. Would prefer...
  12. Pine Apple Slim

    Greetings from Alabama

    Long time guitarist/bassist here. Just got me a Nue Nue Papa long neck soprano for Christmas. My picking partner has had the Papa Tenor for a couple of months. We do a 60s acoustic duo thing. Will prob add some uke tunes to the act. Just learning my way around on the thing. I play some 5 string...