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  1. guitarsnrotts

    Martin Style 1 2017 Centennial Model

    I'm assuming based on price that this is being made in Mexico. From the spec sheet I really can't see much of a difference between it and the standard S1 except perhaps the lack of a headstock decal. Would appreciate any other information as to what might make this special.
  2. guitarsnrotts

    Recommendation for a Polyfoam case for long neck soprano

    I recently bought a long neck pineapple soprano and had a tough time finding a substantial case. I finally happened upon the Lanikai Polyfoam case at Sweetwater Music. It is your typical polyfoam case except it has enough head room (23") to fit a long neck soprano. What was also unique about the...
  3. guitarsnrotts

    Recommendation on strings for a concert resonator uke wanted

    I have a Gretsch Concert Resonator Uke. It came with Nylguts and wasn't a fan. I installed Worth BMs which are my go to strings and just don't care for their 'wimpy' sound. Would welcome other suggestions.
  4. guitarsnrotts

    Ordering KPK Ukes going forward

    This was buried in one of my previous threads on KPK Ukuleles but thought it deserved it's own thread. FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY - NOT A SOLICITATION Received a follow up email from Devon clarifying that all KPK ukuleles are now being sold directly from...
  5. guitarsnrotts

    Koa Pili KoKo Ukuleles

    ...Leavin' on a jet plane (or maybe a slow boat from China). A special request build. KPK longneck acacia pineapple by AIERSI.
  6. guitarsnrotts

    New Koa Pili KoKo Deluxe Longneck Pineapple Soprano Ukulele

    Being prepared for shipping from China. Will provide full review when received from Aiersi, the new owners of the KPK name. Notice the new headstock design. Leaving on a jet plane (or slow boat from China). Review will be forthcoming.
  7. guitarsnrotts

    Koa Pili KoKo Ukuleles

    New KPK Pineapple Uke from China Just got an email from Devon that my new KPK Deluxe Longneck Pineapple Soprano is ready to ship from China. 2 photos were attached. Will submit a review when received.
  8. guitarsnrotts

    Koa Pili KoKo Ukuleles

    Are they still in business? I bought a couple of their ukuleles a few years ago and was quite happy with the quality and price. There doesn't seem to have been much activity on the site ( for a couple of years. They have a newer model I'd be interested in ordering but have not...
  9. guitarsnrotts

    High Tension Low-G strings for a Concert Uke

    Recently bought a Gretsch Resonator Concert Uke. I'm not a fan of the Nylguts it came with so I switched the strings out with Worth Medium Browns. It seems to need a higher tension to get the most out of the tone and volume. I tuned it up to A which is what it needed but would like a...
  10. guitarsnrotts

    Luna Solid Koa Concert Ukulele

    While looking on their site at their new Weissenborn guitars, I came across their Sold Koa A/E Concert uke. Anyone play one of these? Opinions?
  11. guitarsnrotts

    KPK Deluxe Pineapple Acacia Soprano w/Maple Binding

    Recently received my new Deluxe Acacia Pineapple Uke with Maple Binding. Once again great solid wood ukulele at a great price. The acacia contains beautiful flame, rivaling my Kamaka. The build quality is excellent...
  12. guitarsnrotts

    another plug for KPK and Jason

    Recently received my Deluxe Acacia Pineapple Soprano. Quite pleased with the quality of the instrument and customer service from Jason. See my more complete review in the review section. Anyone looking to spend...
  13. guitarsnrotts

    Guitar Open Tunings on a Ukulele

    Being a big John Fahey fan and his playing being my primary motivation for taking up fingerstyle guitar playing in the mid-70s, I'd been working on a few of Fahey's tunes in standard tuning on the ukulele. Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Glenn Jones, one of Fahey's students and friends...
  14. guitarsnrotts

    Ohana Concert Pineapple

    About a year ago, at the show in Germany Ohana showed an all Mahogany Concert Pineapple. Since then I have not seen or heard anything more. Any word as to if or when they'll be hitting the market?
  15. guitarsnrotts

    Oscar Schmidt Solid Koa Concert Ukulele opinion?

    Always interested in opinions on solid koa ukes for under $400. Is it Hawaiian Koa or acacia?
  16. guitarsnrotts

    KOLOA KU-725 KOA CONCERT UKULELE: Opinion please

    Anyone have or played one of these?
  17. guitarsnrotts

    Soprano Pineapple Hard Case

    Just received this Pineapple Hard Case from Austin Bazaar via Amazon. Very nice semi-hard case ala the Lanikai hard cases but for a...
  18. guitarsnrotts

    KPK Deluxe Pineapple Soprano

    Once again a great ukulele from Jason at Received the ukulele in less than a week, shipped to PA. I had ordered it with the 'Bone Conversion' for an additional $10 and am delighted with sound. A few years ago I had ordered the concert prior to the bone being offered. The...
  19. guitarsnrotts

    8 String Ukulele Sets

    Just bought a Lanikai O-8 and am really enjoying the sound. It came with Nylguts of which I am not a big fan. I have settled on Worths and unwound G strings as my preferred set for my other ukes. It appears that the Worth 8 string set also has an unwound G. Anyone have an opinion on the Worths...
  20. guitarsnrotts

    Real KPK?

    Saw this on eBay but it has a different headstock and interior label than the ones Jason sells. Don't see much market in selling fake KPKs...