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  1. VintageGibson

    Saddle String Spacing and Fingerpicking Space.

    I have just finished fitting a strap button on a Kala Concert laminate belonging to a uke group colleague. String spacing at bridge is 38mm. Interestingly on this and my own concert laminate there is enough spare width on the neck at fret 12 for a full 41mm bridge spacing! Vintage
  2. VintageGibson

    Saddle String Spacing and Fingerpicking Space.

    Just had a quick Saddle Spacing Measuring Session after reading your post (SSMS, sounds like a medical condition). Concert scale banjo uke=41mm Concert scale laminate uke=36mm Concert scale Enya "polycarbon"=41mm 2x Soprano StewMac kit circa 2007=41mm Comparing these measurements to the 32/33mm...
  3. VintageGibson

    Nut slot too deep

    While the Stewmac product will certainly work, a cheaper option for a one-off is the Super Glue and baking soda or talcum powder method. A quick search through YouTube should provide some instruction videos. Vintage
  4. VintageGibson

    A440, 21 inches nut to bridge

    I can see what you are trying to achieve, but I'm not sure that it's physically possible in "standard" uke tuning with nylon or flouro-carbon. Baritone uke tuning is easily achievable for this scale length. Vintage
  5. VintageGibson

    A440, 21 inches nut to bridge

    Hello, Not the solution to your question, but possibly another option. I have a short scale (19.5"), open backed tenor banjo fitted with a set Worth Browns (sold as double length Uke strings) Tuned re-entrant d,G,B,E. A bit of research using online string calculators allowed me to figure out...
  6. VintageGibson

    Re: Cable question

    Two good tips. I have a guitar with controls at the sound hole edge, impossible to adjust mid song, your first tip might solve this. thank you Vintage Just noticed that the original post is from 2012, with no responses at that time. Strange that it was with the current posts in this section!!
  7. VintageGibson

    Re: Cable question

    I've never used nor seen one, but suspect that it can only reduce volume and probably be of limited use in a passive p/u system.
  8. VintageGibson

    Anyone know anything about Lark Ukuleles from Shanghai

    Hope you realise that this is an ancient thread! That aside, my first uke was a Lark, bought for the princely sum of one UK pound in 1968. As a dumb teenager I was guided by price alone but soon knew I needed to upgrade. The tutor book that I acquired from someone was a relic from the 1920's...
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    Any tips for pedal connection sequence? Electric ukulele

    You could probably get more useful and accurate info from a guitar forum. Vintage
  10. VintageGibson

    Soprano pickup

    Check out IK Multimedia IRig Acoustic Stage, I use this when I need to amplify a Soprano. Vintage
  11. VintageGibson

    White Christmas chord

    This is from the original sheet which includes the seldom used intro/verse. Vintage
  12. VintageGibson

    Stew Mac for First Build

    About 12/13 years ago I built 2 Stewmac soprano kits, both turned out pretty good and are still my main ukes, one tuned gCEA, the other aDF#B. I reckon that, at that time, an off the shelf uke of similar standard would have cost about 4-5 times the price of a kit. My tool list was basically as...
  13. VintageGibson

    Help Needed

    Hello all, I hope I can get some advice re. video editing software. My plan is to make separate videos performing a song using different instruments, then combining sections from each into one video with suitable transitions etc. To maintain timing and synch I will use a click track through...
  14. VintageGibson

    Reply from Enya Re. Fret Wear

    'Morning all, I contacted them yesterday. Here's the reply I got this morning from Enya. "Thank you very much for contacting us and providing the feedback! We have been aware of the wear issue, and we will make the upgrade to the next model. The current frets are made of carbon fiber...
  15. VintageGibson

    Banjo Uke in a Case

    I just checked my Tenor Banjo in a standard hardcase. The tailpiece on this is about 1/4 inch higher than the bridge so will hold the lid pressure. Whether this is by accident or design, I don't know. I also have an open back TB which lives in a padded gig bag with no adverse affects. Having...
  16. VintageGibson

    Help with posting videos.

    Hello All, I'm looking for some information and assistance with posting videos here. File format, Frame size, File size, Posting method etc. Is there anything already published on the forum? If not, can anyone here advise me? Also, what is the difference between the two boards, UU Video...
  17. VintageGibson

    NUD Enya Nova with a twist

    Morning all, Am attaching a photograph so you can see the wear marks. Definitely indentations, not additions. Even when magnified, it's difficult to assess whether this is paint wear or fret damage, I hope the former. I was going to change the tuners for a better quality, but I'll hold off and...
  18. VintageGibson

    Hello from long term Lurker.

    As the title suggests, I've been lurking around here for a few years and think it's about time I joined in. I got my first uke in 1968, a cheap Chinese import. If I remember correctly the brand was Skylark and came with gut strings and wooden violin style tuning pegs, but I managed to learn a...