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  1. GNUF Kris

    The Doctor Who Thread

    Alongside stupid little toy guitars (I love ukes really) I also love Doctor Who, so lets have a Doctor Who thread! How is everyone feeling about this gap year? What are thoughts on Chris Chibnall? Should Peter Capaldi stay on for Chris' first season or should he have a clean slate?
  2. GNUF Kris

    iPad instruments

    Hey, I like to keep my feet firmly in two camps. 1) I like my acoustic instruments tech free. I only own acoustic ukes, I don't own anything that can be plugged in, I like a one mic technique where I stand in front of one condensor mic and mix sounds by moving in and out (well, that's the...
  3. GNUF Kris

    String for Guitalele

    Hi all, I have a Yamaha Guitalele which is really useful for some of the more folk punky growly songs in my sets (usually not the cabaret style gigs) and find it goes through strings really fast. I've not snapped any, they just degrade really quickly. I've been using clasical acousitc strings...
  4. GNUF Kris

    Hello from the UK (again)

    Hi everybody! I'm Kris from the north west of the UK! I was here before but I cannot remember my log in details, and I appear to have used an old email so decided it would just be easier to set up a new profile. I'm 28, I love long walks on the beach and watching the sunset... oh, sorry...