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  1. ksiegel

    I'm Easy

    A cross post of my very, very late Season 504 entry - My version of I'm Easy by Keith Carradine
  2. ksiegel

    Jerry's ukes...

    Hi, Jerry. I just wanted to congratulate you on not buying any more ukule... Oh, wait... That's the ALTERNATE UNIVERSE Jerry! Congrats on the Cocobolo 5-string... Are you over 90 yet? Ukes, not years. (g) -Kurt
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    Grandpa Was A Carpenter

  4. ksiegel

    I Am a Rock

  5. ksiegel

    Elevator Music - an original song

    I wrote it in an elevator lobby at the Madicon Concourse, in Madison Wisconsin. In about 30 minutes. A song about OTHER people traveling.
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    NUD: Cocobolo Concert #460 (2nd)

    Okay, so now I have two Cocobolo concerts. #412, which I got through the lottery several months back, and added the MiSi pickup, and the Snakewood button. (And a case.) When all was said and done, this wonderful instrument set me back $739.00, and is worth every penny. I just got Concert #460 -...
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    The Great Pretender

    Maybe I should dedicate this to someone in Washington, DC...
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    Don't let us get sick

    A Warren Zevon song. It was on his 2000 Album "Life'll Kill Ya"
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    A Place In The Sun

    I've always liked this one
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    John Prine Songs - In Memorium

    I just did this video with the laptop I'm using to work from home. One of my favorite John Prine Songs.
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    Because so many of us love John Prine...

    John's wife, Fiona posted this on twitter: “This is John’s 8th day in ICU. He is receiving excellent medical care and being treated with kindness and compassion by the entire team looking after him day and night. I cannot be with him which makes this nightmare all the more distressing. As you...
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    Local Concerts -Taimane and Jake

    Okay, just saw Taimane will be at Proctors Theater in Schenectady on January 11 - it is a 400 seat black box theater, and tickets are $25 each. As of this AM when I got mine, only 128 tickets had been sold. Jake will be at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall on February 12, with tickets about...
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    Arlo at Carnegie Hall

    Saturday night, November 30, 2019, I saw Arlo Guthrie at his 52 - and Final - Thanksgiving Concert at Carnegie Hall. As usual, it was superb. Bu there was one thing different: In all the years I've watched him perform, this was the first time I've seen him play "Ukulele Lady" on a ukulele. A...
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    Cocobolo Concert #412

    Okay, the photos aren't great - taken under some very old 4' fluorescent lamps in a ceiling fixture that is turning yellow... The only thing I'm not enamored of is the Kala Uke Crazy polyfoam case. One of the Velcro straps that wrap around the uke neck (Treble side) pulled out - it had been...
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    Send Me to Glory in a Glad Bag®

    recorded Live, at the Guilderland Farmer's Market, in Guilderland, NY 10/22/2019
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    Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor On the Bedpost Overnight?

    Here's a live version of one of Lonnie Donegan's Skiffle hits, which was actually a Billy Rose song from 1924-ish... Again, live, at my local Farmer's Market on July 7, 2019 - the hairy windscreen above the lens is giving a bit of an eyelash effect... Hope you like it. -Kurt
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    Ain't Misbehaving - Live!

    Today I had a gig at the local Farmer's Market - Pretty cool, as they went from a tips-only system to perform-by-invitation-and-by-the-way-we-will-pay-you-plus-tips system. So, I got paid to play - and they even paid me before I played! Is that a cool gig, or what? So here's the first song I...
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    The dark side....

    Yeah, I've crossed over... Just need to learn to play the darned thing now....
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    NUD: Ohana CK-450QEL

    Just got an Ohana CK450QEL, quilted eucalyptus concert size from Mim, with an L.R. Baggs Five.O pickup installed. Still acclimating - when it was delivered yesterday, high temp for the day was in the low teens... More photos as I get a chance. (Click on the photo for a larger image....)