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    What ukulele to buy?

    I don't know which to buy? -Lanikai ck-teq or Lanikai ck-6e Or -Lanikai o-6e -If you have any other suggestions on what ukes to buy please let me know. Ps. The ukes have to be from this website Thank you !!! :D
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    Song For Anna Tabs

    does anyone have tabs for song for anna by herb ohta-san,or like a tutorial vid on it please and thank you! :anyone: :D
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    Hawaiian Song,thats like fast but like gentle

    Kinda like My guitar gently weeps,expect it has to be like hawaiiianish,so if you know a song can you please show me tabs and like a video or something like that.THANKS! I'm askin this because im going to play at my cousins 1st birthday :D
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    Come check out my ukulele vids check out some uke vids that i did on youtube.THANKS!!!! :shaka: :smileybounce:
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    SHINY uke

    i have a kala tenor ukulele?no gloss finish:( i want to make it shiny so any thing i can do to make it shiny or any natural things to make it shiny
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    3 administrators of ukulelunderground

    does anybody know the first and last names of the 3 administrators of ukuleleunderground? can you please tell me who they are? Thank you :shaka:
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    switching the nut and saddle

    how do you replace the nut and saddle? :confused:
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    humidifier?soundhole,sound better

    does putting a humidifier in the soundhole gonna make a difference? and my other question is how do you make your uke sound better? i use a kala mahogany tenor thanks in advance :shaka:
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    uke with pickup and pre amp

    do you think i should get a uke with pickup and pre amp or just stick with a regular one? thanks
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    ukuleleunderground editing

    how do you edit your ukulele underground page as in pictures,about me,add friends,and put contacts?
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    koa vs mahogony

    i am looking for a tenor ukulele the one dat i mostly like is a kala koa or kala mahogony which do u prefer? any other suggestions for a good ukes or wood?
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    Laminate vs Solid Wood

    can anybody tell me the difference between solid wood and laminate?
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    kala tenor mango

    does anybody know how it sounds,and if its a good choice to pick or any other woods that makes the uke sound good
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    2nd uke

    im looking for my 2nd uke,live in hawaii. i wanna get a tenor uke thats from $300-$355 any suggestions?
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    strings are to small

    i just got new strings for my tenor;and it is tenor strings. when i put the strings on the headstock,and i wind it; and then i cut the extra strings before i even tuned it so everytime i wind the strings,it keeps coming off anybody know how to stop it from coming off?
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    minuites to bandito tyler

    does anyone have tabs to minutes to bandito tyler by aldrine? the song that he uses his cellphone --->
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    tico tico

    does anybody know how to play tico tico on the ukulele?
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    everything in my life

    does anybody know the chords to everything in my life be dakine ent?
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    dragon-jake s.

    does anybody know how to play dragon buy jake s? if so can u tell me the tabs
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    uke sounding better?

    i was wondering i f anybody knew how to make your ukulele sound better? i play a lanikai concert with aquilla strings if you know how to make it sound better by other things please tell me:)