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  1. wee_ginga_yin

    MacPherson's Rant

    MacPherson's Rant - Justice never arrived Based on a true story of a Scottish gypsy Jamie MacPherson
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    Little black buzzer

    A ivor Cutler song.
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    Songs of praise

    A Krabbers song.
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    Me and Grandad's mates

    Mike Harding a multi instrumentalist and wrote some very funny poems like Ackroyd's Funeral But he also had his serious side and Me and my Grandad's mates is one of his best. Words at
  5. wee_ginga_yin

    Contagious Song

    A couple of verses from a Spike Milligan poem that I put a little melody to They say Spike was the inspiration for the Pythons, but before he was on TV He Was a star on the radio show the goons together with Peter Sellers.
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    Little Bird

    RIP David Olney
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    Have yourself a merry little Christmas

    A song from the movie "Meet me in Saint Louis" which was performed by Judy Garland
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    Peace and Goodwill

    The Promise of Christmas was Peace and goodwill towards all men. I wrote this song a few years ago, and what with isolation and social distancing it seems to have taken on a new relevance due to the separation that exists between families and communities.
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    Both side of the Tweed

    Both side of the Tweed a Dick Gaughan song. A plea for friendship and honour unite and flourish on both sides of the Tweed the river that separates Scotland an England.
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    Better times will come

    So I had to give it a go.
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    Down by the riverside in a minor key

    A spiritual done in a minor key.
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    Roll Jordan Roll

    Roll Jordan Roll a spiritual from the movie 12 years a slave
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    Frida Kahlo's visit to the Taybridge Bar

    Frida Kahlo visits the Taybridge Bar a song by Scottish songwriter Michael Marra It has all the element of a folk tale. Drunken husband, abused wife who appears as a ghost in the Taybridge Bar in Scotland, which is a waiting room for those who can't get into heaven cos the pearly gates are...
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    The great Silkie of Sule Skerry

    The Great Silkie of the Sule Skerry if you want a treat listen to the spine tingling version by The Corries They also give some background information on the mythical Silkie
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    Getting old slows you down, but that is not a bad thing. A Leonard Cohen song with a joke at the end.
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    The devil and the deep blue sea

    A Mr Harrison song
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    The hour that the ship comes in

    A old Dylan classic dealing with political shipwreck.
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    The Wolves

    The creative process: A sequence The Wolves by Mandolin Orange 1. Read about a song by Mandolin Orange and how it affected someone. 2. Listened to the song and thought it was about a pioneer woman's struggles. 3. Got the idea that the woman in question was the statue of Liberty. 4. Understood...
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    2468 motorway

    A song with 2 numerical sequences mentioned in it... given a slow roasting.
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    Psalm 6:16-19

    Psalm 6:16-19 The Mountain Goats were famous for taking bible passages and making song from them, so I took a sequence of verses from the old testament and made up this song for the US presidential election.