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  1. Rockabilly

    For Sale: Mainland Banjo Uke

    I'm selling my mainland banjo uke due to large auto expenses that have recently accrued. Its in very good condition. I bought it a couple of months ago from Mike at Mainland. This uke sounds great and wish I didn't have to sell it but that's the way the ball bounces sometimes. It is a concert...
  2. Rockabilly

    For Sale: Pineapple Sunday

    I have Pineapple Sunday for sale. I bought it from MGM about a year ago. I didn't really play it a whole lot. It sounds great and very easy to play. It is strung re entrant with worth clears. Comes with an Oahu hard case. I'm selling this uke due to a large expense that just came up. I'm not...
  3. Rockabilly


    I Googled a song I wanted to learn to play. I got the chords and one of them was a B#m. I couldn't find B#m anywhere. Is it a chord for ukulele? If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Rockabilly

    new uke day

    Just got my Kanilea custom in the mail today. I'm really happy with this uke. I'm pretty much good on buying ukuleles now.
  5. Rockabilly

    Raphael Saadiq Calling chords

    I heard Raphael perform this song last night on tv. I was hoping someone out there knew the chords to the song Calling. I really like this song and any knowledge would be greatly appreciated.