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  1. CommonCurt

    FS: Kala Elite 1KOA-T (mint condition)

    For sale Kala Elite 1KOA-T in mint condition. Originally purchased from Mim's store, and setup by her. I did have her install strap buttons. Just strung it up with Martin M620's, and I personally think it's a good fit, but all Elite tenors originally come with a low-G. This is one that came...
  2. CommonCurt

    Ratios on a Martin

    Sorry, I know this is an old thread. Just wanted to say that I've seen a few examples of UPT's installed on old Martins. Here's one example:
  3. CommonCurt

    NUD: Kala Elite Mahogany Tenor

    Can vouch for Kala's customer service also. The 1KOA-T that I purchased from Mim came with ridiculously short tuner posts. After a call they also sent me a set of longer post replacement tuners. They said that the ones that came on it were supposed to be like that. Called them "low profile...
  4. CommonCurt

    Ukulele Porn (post your uke pics here...)

    About 3 weeks ago I managed to get a really clean 1960's Style-0 from the original purchaser. I'm still getting the hang of the friction tuners, but I can say: The Hype is definitely Real :)
  5. CommonCurt

    Music nomad ukelele cleaner/polish ?

    Music Nomad ukulele cleaner/polish ? Has anyone tried, or currently use the Music Nomad ukulele cleaner/polish? Just trying to see if anyone here likes it. Edit: I tried to correct my misspelling of the word ukulele in the title, but even though it tells me my changes were saved the...
  6. CommonCurt

    Best fitting case for LoPrinzi concert ?

    Iam trying to find a better fitting hard case for my LoPrinzi Concert. The case that came with it is okay, but because it's smaller than most concerts it doesn't fit snug. The smaller body size makes it a challenge. I'm starting to think larger soprano cases are the way to go for these. I...
  7. CommonCurt

    Anyone purchase a recent Larrivee US-40MM (or other model Larrivee soprano)?

    I found some older threads where people talked about Larrivee ukuleles, but I'm wondering if anyone has purchased one of their sopranos lately, and what are the thoughts about them? In some of the older threads some people mentioned that his sopranos are a little "bigger" than most. I really...
  8. CommonCurt

    TapaTalk compatibility

    Not sure why, but I can't get TapaTalk to find UkuleleUnderground? It would make it so much easier to visit the forum on mobile devices. :Edit: Just read a thread from 2012 that said the Mods back then didn't care for TapaTalk. (Not sure if that's still the case)...
  9. CommonCurt

    Hello from West Palm Beach, FL

    Hi, No matter what google search I did pertaining to Ukulele, I kept seeing links to this place :) I've been playing guitar since I was a kid. Now that I have a kid of my own I decided I would get her a Uke. Little did I know that I would end up playing it just as much as she did (if not...